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Bill Kelliher’s illness causes show postponement

30 April
Author: Sam

Mastodon are currently on an awesome tour with Baroness and Between the Buried and Me.  Unfortunately, they were forced to postpone their recent show in Rochester, NY – apparently due to guitarist Bill Kelliher’s hospitalization.  According to MetalSucks, the venue’s website said the postponement was due to “an ongoing illness with Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher.”

Obviously, no one can be sure what that ongoing illness is, but it should be remembered that Kelliher suffers from alcoholism and was forced to leave the band’s European Unholy Alliance Chapter III Tour in 2008 when he was hospitalized with an illness related to drinking.  It would be pretty devastating if he fell off the wagon and had to deal with this problem from square one again.  But again, no one really knows why he had to be hospitalized this time.

It seems as if the tour will be trudging on without him, and they will likely get someone to fill in while he’s gone. [UPDATE:  Thanks to MetalSucks, we now know that Peter Adams and John Baizley from Baroness each performed two songs with Mastodon (the first four songs on Crack The Skye).  After that, the band continued on as a three-piece.]

Casual observers may think that Brent Hinds is the guitar wizard of the band, and he is that, don’t get me wrong.  But Kelliher is a monster in his own right.  A lot of people don’t really notice him because he stays off to the side almost in the shadows and doesn’t play many solos, but his rhythm sections are insane.  And anyone who’s seen him play “Seabeast” live knows what I’m talking about.  Get well soon, Bill.


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