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Billy Joe Armstrong On Broadway

28 September
Author: Schiano

Green DayBilly Joe Armstrong, lead for Green Day, finally has a reason to be sporting some guy liner after all — he’ll be hitting the stage on Broadway. 

Armstrong will make an appearance on the stage adaptation of Green Day’s American Idiot album.  The tool singer-guitarist will be playing the role of St. Jimmy, and thus bumping cast member Tony Vincent from his everyday role.  Armstrong will play the role from now until Sunday, October 3rd, at New York’s St. James Theatre.

God, I hate Green Day. 

12 Responses to “Billy Joe Armstrong On Broadway”

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  2. thomas says:

    is it just this article, or are you just generally horrible at expressing any of your own opinions? :S

  3. J says:

    Really? FIrst of all he isn’t bumping a cast member, he is replacing him for the week because the normal guy has some family issues going on right now. And on another note, this article really sucks. It has no information and is basically only advertisement for how badly you write. I completely agree with Thomas. Maybe next time you’ll be a little less worried about bashing people and a little more worried about writing something worth reading

  4. Hayley says:

    This article was very well thought out. Research undertaken is magnificent and it thoroughly shows you know all there is to know on the topic. Names and places have been spelled correctly and your understanding shows as if you were there. The article is very unbiased too, not showing any of your opinions and allows the reader to make up their own minds from all the information you’ve provided.

    Well done on an excellent article.

  5. Sarah.L says:

    Wow, good for Billie Joe (: He would suit the role. About you dissing him, bet he has more talent than you have. That’s why you’re not famous. Duh

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