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Reader Amanda sends in today’s suggestion.

She says,

The band goes by The Will and they have a rock sound influenced by Hot Water Music, Nirvana, Against Me!, and Chuck Ragan.

Well, I don’t see the Nirvana influence at all, but the other three fit.  I’d hazard a guess that these guys were influenced a bit by Sublime too (and hey, waddaya know, they have a cover of “Badfish” posted at their MySpace).  Hailing from California, you can definitely hear the Pacific sound all over their music.

It doesn’t really do a whole lot for me, but you can check them out at their MySpace page.


Today’s suggestion comes from regular Suds reader Elliott.

Elliott suggests Eugene, Oregon’s The Underlings, who he describes as such:

I would describe them as indie but that’s not really doing the band justice.  They are a really good rockin band led by former garden weasel guitarest ed on guitar and vocals.  If i have to categorize this band I’d say rock with a little punk mixed in for flavor.

That’s a good description.  I’d call them “garage-punk” but with a definite pop aesthetic.  Not the kind of bubblegum pop that is played on the radio, but pop in the sense of easily recognizable melodies and rhythms.  Think Rancid or Foxboro Hot Tubs.  The singer’s got a nice voice and I’m digging the chunky bass lines.

It’s a shame that these guys have so few plays on their MySpace page because they are a pretty fun band, so head on over there and give ‘em a listen.

‘Suds’gestion: A Million Years

6 JulyComments Off
Author: Sam

Today’s tip comes from Eileen, who suggested that we check out A Million Years who are, as she puts it, “A Brooklyn indie band actually from Brooklyn!”

She then goes on to say,

The music is experimental and sonic, equally pleasing to the coolest hipster or the most sci-fi geek….but will definitely get you out of bed.

First off, after listening to all the songs the band has posted on MySpace, I wouldn’t exactly say this is the kind of music that will get you out of bed.  It’s got more of a “lively chill” vibe going on – like an idling engine rather than one in ignition.

And as far as being pleasing to the coolest hipster…well, that’s up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or not.  When I think of hipster music I usually think of douchiness incarnate, so that might not be the best descriptor for drawing in new fans.

The bottom line is that A Million Years sounds like a perfectly decent college band – nothing more, nothing less.  If that sounds like you’re cup of tea, their debut album, Mischief Maker, will be released in August.  You can check out video of them playing two songs live after the jump:

continue reading

A reader named Eric sent us an email recently suggesting that we check out Diablo Royale, a New York-based hard rock band.  Well, your wish is our command.

Here they are playing their track “Resistance” live:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s pretty obvious that this group grew up listening to a lot of Alice in Chains.  The singer even tries to sound like Layne Staley, which works some of the time and sometimes it doesn’t.  Of course, Diablo Royale don’t exhibit nearly the amount of depth as AIC, but they readily admit that, saying “This band is all about the music and giving fans something they can get off listening to it, not something deep and intellectual you need to take hours to understand.”

OK, that’s fine.  I’d much rather hear a band admit that up front than pretend to be something they aren’t.  They make easily digestible, if not very filling, generic radio rock.  At least these guys are ten times better than Nickelback and Hinder.

Diablo Royale’s latest release Greedy Dogs can be heard in its entirety at the group’s Bandcamp page.  And best of all, they are going the Radiohead route and letting their fans name their own price if they want to buy it.  Which means you can spend as little as one red cent to get the whole thing.  That’s pretty rad.  So go check it out.  What do you have to lose?


We here at Suds get music suggestions and recommendations from time to time.  Sometimes they come from the artists themselves or the label/management, other times they come from the readers.  They are always welcome (and you can send in your own tips to tips@sudsonbleeker.com), but just be prepared for the possibility that we may say your suggestion (or your music if you’re the artist) sucks.  Hey, win some lose some, right?

So with that said, let’s talk about Mister Fusty.

Mister Fusty (aka Rob Gibson) is a British dude who makes “lo-fi electronic/acoustic pop musical confections.”  Well, I don’t know about that.  It’s certainly lo-fi, but to me what it really sounds like is jazzy elevator Muzak mixed with mumbly lyrics, all desperately trying to sound something like slower Gorillaz stuff.  Some of this music sounds like a crappy knockoff of the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack /a drugged-out version of the intro to the Land of Make Believe on Mr. Rogers.  But that music was either purposefully ironic or genuinely retro .  This stuff sadly isn’t.

Apparently, Senor Fusty has a new EP called Connect coming out next week.  If what I’ve written thus far has actually intrigued you, well then go listen to the whole thing at his website.  At least he’s donating all the proceeds to charity.

Hey, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?


TRC (just a quick one)

15 June2 comments
Author: David

I’ve been staying up late checking out some music TV the past couple of weeks. It yields some fruit (it’s the only time of day Suicide Silence will ever get airplay), but it’s mostly stuff I’m already familiar with, or stuff that’s just, well…crap

Imagine my surprise, then, when I stumble across a band slamming through some sweet hardcore grooves whilst a couple of nutters shout/rap over the top. Bewildering to say the least. The band was TRC (The Revolution Continues), the song was entitled “London’s Greatest Love Story”, and upon seeing the video again the very next night, I started to understand where the appeal lies.  Clearly the band have a variety of influences, from the metallic bash of Hatebreed to the down n’ dirty sound of the UK grime scene, these guys channel all of their inspiration to create a furiously heavy combination of muscle and sleaze.

The obvious comparison would be Gallows. But the fact is, Gallows don’t threaten on record like they do in a live setting, whereas TRC’s sound stalks the speakers and blasts forth like an absolute juggernaut. Lyrically, there’s a lot of honest stuff going on and plenty of big shout-out moments that would doubtlessly make them a very entertaining live act. I’ll be looking to catch them wherever they may be touring next, but if you’re not lucky enough to do the same (head over to their myspace page to check out dates), then go purchase their latest, self-titled EP directly from them or from iTunes. Fans of dirty hardcore grooves will not be disappointed.

Suds On: Tino Coury

19 May18 comments
Author: Schiano

Tino CouryWe have a good one for you pop and R&B fans; this guy will be all over your radio before you even know it. If you’re into the likes of Jason Derulo and Jay Sean, you’re going to be into this guy.

Tino Coury.

Tino Coury, hailing from Pittsburgh, has everything it takes. Coury is now six weeks into an eight week promotional tour. If you’re in or around San Antonio on May 23rd, get tickets for MixFest 2010. Coury will be there performing his incredible single, “Diary.”

For the song, Coury states, he had a concept in his head while writing it.

I had the concept in my head [of] “I read your diary,” and I knew it could mean so many different things. In today’s world, everything is in writing, whether it be a text, e-mail, etc., so I think everyone has been through a situation where they read something they didn’t expect to see. I [have] been through that situation and I’m sure a lot of people have, too. I poured all that emotion into one song that I think everybody can relate to. (PopEater.com)

Tino Coury is finishing up on his album, set to drop in September. He hopes the album will portray a story people can relate to with a unique twist. Additionally, he hopes his upbeat tracks will provide music lovers with a club feel – which his single “Diary” certainly does.

We have the lyrics to “Diary” after the jump (which SongMeanings has, too!).  We also guide you to his music video.  continue reading

Hump Day Album: Unclassified

21 April2 comments
Author: Chavez

First off I must apologize in how late this is going up, I have been ill the past few weeks and I’ve finally been able to get around to getting this up. Now that that is out of the way we can begin.

This week I wanted to give a nod to the sophomore release of Robert Randolph & The Family Band. The best way to describe this group is  funk jam band. I know there are a lot of negative connotations that come with both funk and jam bands, but these guys are the ones that do it right. Led by Robert Randolph on the Pedal Steel guitar,  his band filled with both family and non-family members make some of the most dance-able and sincere music around. All of that is a nod back to their roots as a house band for their local church.

More about the album after the jump continue reading

…….well pseudo-3d anyway.

This is the video for “Doubtful Comforts” by Blue Roses. What makes this video special though is their attempt to make a 3D video using “Wiggle Stereoscopic” techniques. While it may not be true 3D, it is supposed to trick your mind into thinking that it is in 3D. Apparently the way it works is there are two cameras that film at slightly different angles, and the images jump between them. It usually works pretty well in still images, and there are moments of here that work really well but the effect isn’t as good as I hoped it would be.

Check out the video. Did it work for you? Would you want to see others try this……or should we just pass?

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve been wrapping my spoilt ears around a plethora of amazing music lately, so I thought I’d let y’all know about it. The following comes with my (ultimately meaningless, but egotistically lauded) seal of approval:

‘Reservoir’ – Fanfarlo

I reviewed these guys live about a month ago, and it was at that show that I purchased this absolute beauty. They kind of sound like Arcade Fire, except Fanfarlo don’t go out of their way to be unnecessarily and annoyingly ‘kooky’. The whimpering vocal delivery coupled with the sparse whimsy of the instrumentation makes for a shimmering and mildly haunting album, and the lyrical content keeps me going back for another listen. As I’ve said previously, these guys are one of the best-kept secrets in the UK, so go out and get your hands on this brilliant album.


‘My Dinosaur Life’ – Motion City Soundtrack

I’ve been into these guys for quite some time. I caught them supporting All-American Rejects in Liverpool just after they made ‘I Am the Movie’, and I was totally hooked after that show. Since then – not counting a slight dip with their last album – MCS have gone from strength to strength, and what you hear on ‘My Dinosaur Life’ is glowing proof of that. Trading again in their hooky pop-punk with dark, introspective lyrics, it’s nothing fans of the band haven’t heard before. But it’s so reassuring to hear a band so comfortable with their own sound. A great one to tap your feet to.


‘Brand New Eyes’ – Paramore

OK, so I know their fanbase consists mainly of  teenage girls, but it’s become far too trendy to hate on this band; particularly after two solid albums. With ‘Brand New Eyes’, their third, they’ve really stepped it up. The band have clearly become more focused in their writing, and tracks like ‘Brick by Boring Brick’ and ‘Playing God’ possess a streamlined quality that really lodges the hooks in your brain. Hayley Williams once again stretches herself vocally, and despite some cheesy lyrics and a couple of stinkers (most notably ‘The Only Exception’, inexplicably selected to be the 3rd single from the album), this is a killer record on the whole.


‘Kezia’ – Protest the Hero

These guys are one of the best tech-metal bands on the block right now, and this album showcases them at their best. Furious riffing, catchy-as-hell hooks and straight-up conviction drive ‘Kezia’, and the intriguing lyrical concept is the very definition of an added perk. To be honest, there’s too many highlights here to go into deep detail, all I can say is that if you have even a passing interest in metal music, then this could be right up your street.


That should keep you busy for a while.