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Cove Reber Leaves Saosin

23 July
Author: David

Accoring to guitarist Beau Burchell, Saosin has parted ways with vocalist Cove Reber. After leaving their label recently, you have to wonder what this means for the band. Beau also confirmed that the guys are writing new material, so maybe we’re just looking at a change in direction. Whatever Saosin do will no doubt be interesting, they’re a talented bunch after all. It also takes a lot of guts to carry on after losing two fantastic vocalists (previous vocalist Anthony Green departed before the recording of the band’s self-titled debut album). Anyway, here is Beau’s statement in full:

“well, a few days ago, alex, justin, chris and I got back into the studio for our first group writing/jam session. We have all been writing things on our own, but it was cool to get into a room and play with loud ass amps all together again. I am very excited about this record, for a few different reasons.

1. I have been so busy producing and mixing bands lately, and I love it. Finally getting back in the swing of things, so it will be a miracle if I can rip myself away from other projects long enough to finish a saosin record.

2. We have no label, which means we can do whatever we want. We don’t have to worry about outputting garbage singles that none of us believe in, or selling records. its going to be nice.. just like the days of ttn.

3. NOT having a camera on me the whole time.

4. After 5 years with cove, we have decided to part ways. So it will be a new experience for us, not knowing what to expect in the vocal dept, who will replace him, or if we will even find a replacement this century.

thats all for now…”

41 Responses to “Cove Reber Leaves Saosin”

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    • zalsebar says:

      you know,i am a big fan of saosin especialy cove reber,for me,saosin is the greatest post hardcore band ive ever heard,i didnt
      expect that why coves left,i l0ve cove and i l0ve saosin,why it comes to an end???why cove??i know this is not the end,i wish,is someday we meet…im zalsebar olaybar from philippines,G00d luck cove,im always here for you

  2. Devon O. says:

    I hope they don’t break up. They are a great band.

  3. Sara C says:

    I don’t know how i could listen to them after getting another new singer. first green now cove…..well i hope cove goes into a new band so i can still listen to him and maybe saosin will still live on!
    ill always listen to there previous stuff though

  4. Becca says:

    D: This makes me sad. I love Cove’s voice, and he was such a great guy in person.
    I really hope he joins another band, and of course I’ll still listen to Saosin. Just hope
    everything goes well.

  5. CaMMDoG says:

    Cove kicks so much ass!!
    This sucks.

    Im really happy about them losing the label.
    more freedom.

    but ive always loved cove.

  6. unbootleg says:



    whats going on with the band now ?

  7. unbootleg says:

    whats going on with the band now ?

  8. sbdavid says:

    Looks like they will be just continuing as they are. No word on a new vocalist yet, but the band are currently writing for their new album.


  9. Guillotine says:

    ohhhh…. mann~!… cove is a very great vocalist and fits very well in their band….. hope he finds a good band…. then i’ll start downloading their songs again….. ^^…. so does the new vocalist of saosin… hope he’s good too like the previous vocalists…


  10. Skaterguyx27 says:

    for Some reason I think saosin isn’t gonna be all that great without cove but that’s just me

    • zacky B says:

      WOW you must be like one of those big austin fans from of mice and men or a craig owens fans from chiodos…”I think they aren’t goin to be good without the singer.” go piss on it dude seriously. saosin kicked cove out because he didn’t have what it took to be in the band anymore. his performances and vocals didnt cut what saosin really could do musically or in performances. HERE WE GO AGGIN some butt fuck that thinks that the singer makes the band….i hope anthony green and cove reber comes and cock slaps you with their dicks. bands are not just singers ass hole there a WHOLE band

    • Andreana says:

      Cove was not that great. Live, he had 1/8 of the strange presence Anthony and lots of other singers and frontman had. He had trouble forcing himself to hit notes his voice naturally wasn’t able to hit. Fortunately the rest of the Saosin boys made up for it from the start. Before you go off your rocker, I’ve seen em about 6 or more times live, and met all of them. So don’t say I don’t understand. Back to my point, they even said in an AP interview back a few years ago and they only picked Cove because they thought he sounded like Anthony, and because he was “good looking”

      Sorry but any band who picks their lead singer based on looking pretty is out in my book. And nothing Saosin released was better than the white EP, in my opinion of course, musically and lyrically. It was never a good match for me, and I was waiting for Cove to make an exit since he joined. Do I think he’ll be better in another band where he won’t be compared to hit the freakishly other-worldly notes of Anthony Green’s vocal range? For sure.

      It’s purely about the music, not the frontman. Since nobody has heard the result of an absent Cove, nobody can say anything.

  11. NunnyaBidnnezz says:

    Guys, Guys,

    This Band used to be sooo awesome but then when anthony left they just slowly declined. I am SOOOO happy for these guys that they are taking this step and starting over.
    I was so dissapointed with cove reber- i felt he made them sound to poppy, plus their style was different, it just wasn’t the saosin that it could have been.

    I feel like i am the only dude who actually doesn’t like cove reber..am I crazy?
    I wish these guys the best and i cant wait to hear a whole new saosin

    Yesssss I like Saosin again! (hopefully)

  12. commanderastig says:

    ok… Anthony was the voice of this band his voice made saosin great! when I first heard cove sings with this band, personaly i didnt like it at all, it sounded like the band is going into diffrent direction they’re declining in that genre. when you change something esperciallly in a band you are suppose to outdo the previous and that didnot happen when cove joins the band. the style of his voice and persona didn’t really match the bands persona. so..i said that to say this, that i hope they will learn from this experience, consult, search and research deligently listen to comments and suggestion, so this time you guys will find the perfect piece of that puzzle. and I know you guys will. you guys are great band I look up to guys alot. actually you guys inspired me to be a better guitar player that I am now. best of luck guys! keep music alive!! long live SAOSIN!

  13. Laura Ochoa says:

    I personally LOVE Cove, and Saosin will not be the same with out him. he was so nice and down to earth. has a amazing voice and I am really upset he is gone. What good will the rest of the band be without him!!! Cove we need you!!! Please come back to Saosin!! Where can i contact Cove??? Does anyone know????

  14. Ashley Montoya says:

    This is just booty. I like the sound of cove and the style he gave saosin and although it was not exactly the same as Anthony green, which was equally good on my opinion, I don’t think I could still be a fan of them the same without cove.. It’s nothing against the band I’m sure or any new singer they might potentially get. It’s the same as trying to get into cove singing seven years.. It will not be the same. Like trying to pretend they didn’t just replace dumbledore in the third Harry potter movie, which in turn changed everything about Harry potter movies, for the better in my opinion. But we will see if this is like Harry potter or it is a disaster sequel with none of the original cast members at all. Furthermore how in the heck do they expect me to believe they are recording and are in the the studio whatnot if they have no singer???????? I don’t know this changes my whole perception of the band…

  15. Coryz says:

    I will say I love the Cove on the CD’s. Follow and feel is one of my favorite songs but 7 years is my favorite song. I have seen them live a few times and Coves voice really REALLY lacks in a live performance. H e butchered 7 years every time. Also the last CD seemed like such a sellout and the tailored it around coves deteriorating voice as you could tell by the drastic change in vocal style. While cove was great on the CD he was leading the band to a place they did not belong.

  16. PeanutButterGTR says:

    Cove was an EXCELLENT vocalist. I really wanna see what they come up with. It’ll be pretty interesting. It’ll be pretty ‘fun’ to try and find a new vocalist that sings like Cove (if they try). I support them ALLLLLLLL the way. Good luck to Cove and all his future endevours.

  17. BRETT!* says:

    wow this sucks but hey they found cove after green left so maybe there is hope.
    p.s. cove join a new band you vocals are amazing

  18. Jhonitachi says:

    i happen to agree with skater. i dont think the bands gonna be the same without cove. and also agree with sara c. they lose green whom was an amazing vocalist and now they lost cove. i only hope and pray they can find another vocalist as amazing as both green and cove were. its very depressing.

    in my books cove made saosin unique. thats gonna be hard to replace in my opinion

  19. zacky B says:

    saosin will move on without cove posers

  20. LINK says:

    “its going to be nice.. just like the days of ttn.”


    about time =]

    im gonna have say-ocean back! finally! =D

  21. Mike says:

    Saosin will not break up. They are getting a new singer as of yesterday.

  22. Chris says:

    cove and green were great in there own way. cove was a big lose. the new vocals has to out do both cove and green and that is really hard to do. after these 2 vocalist are gone, i dont appreciate saosin as much as i used to.

  23. Fjord Prefect says:

    It’s a bummer that Cove’s gone, but frankly, I thought he was struggling a bit even early on. Just listen to that acoustic version of “Bury Your Head” on the 2005 EP if you don’t believe me.

  24. cove reber is a douchebag says:

    1. i saw saosin last year with cove, and was not impressed at all. sounds great on the cd, sounds like complete shit live

    2. anthony green and cove reber should not be assumed to be of the same caliber when it comes to the vocal talent. i’ve seen circa survive live too and the green is in full form, note for note, key for key, pitch for pitch as any recording you hear him sing on. truly he is a great singer

    3. the only reason cove sounds good on a cd is because of the wonderful world of pro tools and auto tuning software. period.

    4. cove is a douchebag.

  25. Socaldude879 says:

    Anyone hear the song no angel? It’s online and you can find it on YouTube. Beau was on vocals before they got together with Anthony and it was pretty sick. They”ll do fine even without a new vocalist.

  26. sandra says:

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  35. ImageFilled says:

    Of course it’s been years since this news was announced. However they still have not filled the void. They let Pearson escape their grasp, and that’s after laying down serious vocals on three of their demos they recorded turning their second album.

    Cove has only put out one song with vocals since leaving the band. It isn’t a post – hard-core band.
    Hopefully Saosin continues, but both albums have their place. Obviously the first I one is better, but songs like “Nothing is what it seems”, “The Alarming Sound…” and “I Keep My Secrets Safe” (which was better as Keep Secrets on The Grey EP) are stellar.

    The best track is “Nothing Is What It Seems” far and away. But it’s shitty they broke up due to Cove doing coke and smoking cigs and not giving a fuck about the music and touring. “It was never wanted he wanted.”

    That’s all for me and what I have gathered based on countless hours studying and enjoying this band after my friend introduced me to them last decade and he’s since passed. I can’t think of Saosin without him or Cove.