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Guilty Pleasures

31 May
Author: Chavez

Do you own a copy of Justin Beiber’s My World 2.0? Is that a complete collection of ABBA sitting on your shelf? Do you blast Gunther’s “Ding Dong Song” from your car with the windows down? (I just want to say that I don’t really think that there is anything wrong in owning or listening either of those) Recently I have been doing that 30 Day Song Challenge, and one of the challenges was a guilty pleasure song. Ever since I saw that on the list of songs that I would need to write about, I couldn’t stop thinking about what is a guilty pleasure. What makes them so guilty?  Is it that it doesn’t fit with your own personal music image or that image that you project to others? With the exception of a couple of bands who are pretty much everyone agrees on their lack of talent, why is it that we can’t admit to enjoying the work of certain artists?  My guess is that their image tends to clash with the image that you are trying to project to everyone. If you look like a tough guy, then blasting Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” may be a no no. One wouldn’t expect an innocent looking girl to be into metal bands like In This Moment. It is fun to note that the latter case will actually bring some positive music cred to the person but not in the first case.

When I was a barely a teen in the mid-90′s, I had already figured out what kind of music I was a fan of and what I wasn’t really into. Sometimes there were songs that I thought I shouldn’t like…but I secretly did. That was when I started to discover my guilty pleasures in music. I was a big into Metal and Hard Rock as a young teen. I remember wearing out Metallica’s Black album and Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe until my cheap CD player couldn’t read them from all the scratches that ended up covering them. During that same time I also had another CD that I wore out…but no one ever saw me playing it. That album was Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. Now I know that there is no shame in enjoying that album…it is an incredible album and arguably their best album. As a 13 year old self-proclaimed metal head, I couldn’t admit that I listened to a pop-punk band fronted by a woman…that wasn’t metal at all.

YouTube Preview Image Good song…but not very metal

It really wasn’t until I was halfway through high school that I started to shed being embarrassed by certain music.  By that time my music library had expanded, and most people  stopped being surprised about what I had in my music rotation. The closest thing to a guilty pleasure is the couple of Linkin Park albums I picked up because of how much I may have enjoyed a song from it. I don’t think LP is a terrible band, but as a whole, I have pretty much no interest in them at all.

Now the fun stuff. What are your guilty pleasures?  Do you have the guts to post it up for all of us to see?

5 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Fernande says:

    I have a very wide taste range when it comes to music. I’m jammin’ to anything from Atreyu, to The Doors, to The Smiths.
    But some of the bands I don’t really care to advertise my liking for include blessthefall, flyleaf, and three days grace. Not really sure why…I mean, all of these bands are pretty good, and generally liked….but i would just prefer not to be associated with them >.>
    thus……..guilty pleasures =O

  2. Sam says:

    If Linkin Park is a guilty pleasure then I’m a damn felon.

  3. woo,It is my pleasure to share this ,good luck for you!

  4. Bungee says:

    Mine would have to be those two Evanescence albums… I actually still really enjoy them. I listened to them a lot when I was 11-12.

    I’m 16 now and I listen to mostly Eighties alternative but I just can’t let go of the nostalgia I’ve associated with this band.

  5. Ben Simon says:

    Would you consider Sublime to be a guilty pleasure?