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Guy from a band you never heard of quits, still noteworthy

14 October
Author: Sam

Alright, let me start off this post by saying that I know almost nothing about the band M.A.N.  My entire scope of knowledge about them has come from seeing a single music video of theirs.

Here’s what I do know about them: 1) They’re Swedish.  2) They sound like a poor man’s Mudvayne.  And 3) Their guitarist Rob Guz is a fucking badass.

Well, I’m not actually sure that he’s a badass, but he has to be.  He has three distinct badass traits going for him: 1) He rocks a disgusting skullet that only the most courageous of men would dare be seen with.  2) His regular guitar is an 11-string behemoth that is so wide he often has to flip his hand to the top side of the fret to reach the upper strings and 3) he has the world’s most metal guitar (see the picture).  Look at that thing!  But the best part is the name he bestowed upon that instrument of fury – “Roots Bloody Roots”.  Hands down, best name ever.  I get happy just saying it.  I mean, if you see a guy playing that guitar, there’s no other appropriate response than to bow your head and throw up the devil horns.

Well, don’t go too crazy because Roots Bloody Roots may be getting shelved for good.  The band announced that Guz was leaving the band and the music business in general.

In Guz’ honor, I’ve posted that aforementioned video after the jump.  Really, just fast forward to 2:48 and watch as Guz coaxes a damn fine squeal out of Roots.

YouTube Preview Image


2 Responses to “Guy from a band you never heard of quits, still noteworthy”

  1. Jimmy says:

    What about Trivett Wingo of The Sword?