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Kings of Leon get shit on

25 July
Author: Sam

Sometimes a Tweet is all you need to really sum up a situation.

This comes from Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill, in reference to the band’s recent show in St. Louis:

“So sorry St. Louis. We had to bail, pigeons shitting in [bassist] Jared [Followill]‘s mouth. Too unsanitary to continue….Don’t take it out on Jared, it’s the fucking venue’s fault. You may enjoy being shit on but we don’t. Sorry for all who traveled many miles.”


That really sucks for both the band and the fans.  It’s too bad there weren’t any umbrella hats on hand that the guys could have strapped on to protect them from the fecal showers.  I wonder if, in the future, the venue will consider doing what the Cincinnati Bengals considered when they had a similar problem a few years back.


10 Responses to “Kings of Leon get shit on”

  1. Justin S. says:

    Eww that is gross ha. You can get really sick from that. Sucks that they had to leave early though. Gotta look out for numero uno.

  2. Brian says:

    Is this what Ellis was talking about on Sirius today? They were talking about how the show must go on. I only caught about ten minutes of it and it was after they’d started.

  3. Sam says:


    It probably was. I have mixed feelings about it. The ultimate “rock ‘n’ roll” thing would have been to soldier on and finish the set, shit raining down and all. On the other hand, these guys are regular people too, and I’m sure none of us would continue our work under those circumstances. Then again, they did have thousands of people there who paid to see them. I’m torn. What do you think?

  4. Rankin says:

    They’re a bunch of pussy as bitches. Real Rock n Rollas are all about the fans. Fucking pretentious, pampered sellouts, the lot of em.

  5. Brian says:

    Yeah, I’m hard pressed to side with these guys. You’ve got people who paid money, drove out there, were psyched to see a show, etc, etc, and then get canceled on because of some bird shit. How much shit was it really? Was it raining down shit? Was the shit radioactive or burning them?

    As a band member, I’d be stoked about all those people coming to see me and would feel like a huge dick to cancel. Hell, I get pumped seeing people commenting on the articles on Suds. If it means I get to see Suds do even better and have more fan interaction, I’ll gladly sit through a bird shit storm.

  6. Ben says:

    if you think about it, a big stadium, large amount of fans, some1 is gonna get injured don’t they have some sort of mouth cleaner? seriously, could have just rinsed and continued the show, that whole process would have taken Maybe 10 min. max did they really have to cancel the show?

  7. Ben says:

    does anyone else noticed he didn’t say sorry to the people living in the city?

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