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Radiohead Part Two

22 February
Author: Suds Team

So what exactly is Radiohead up to these days?  Fans have been speculating that the band might soon release yet another album as a follow up to ‘The Kind of Limbs’ album. 

As you know, Radiohead dropped the album on February 18th – and only announced the release four days before that.  And now fans are saying another release is on its way.

But it’s all speculation from the fans. 

To be honest, it looks like fans are digging into this thing a bit too much.  ‘The Kind of Limbs’ was a great surprise so enjoy it.  I mean, just because the last track on the album was ‘Separator’ doesn’t mean another album is on its way.  The track is not a ‘separator’ between albums.   

What do you think?  Are you guys Radiohead fanboys?

4 Responses to “Radiohead Part Two”

  1. lingeron says:

    I’ve heard much less plausible rumors in the music industry especially regarding the release dates of music. This one actually seems like it could be true. It might be wishful thinking but the more I think about it, the more it seems exactly like something a band who announced an album and released it days later would do.

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