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Running low on prescriptions? Doctor Mathers has The Refill.

26 December
Author: Matos

Recently released on December 21st, “The Refill”, Eminem’s addition to his previous release, “Relapse,” contains an additional seven songs that never made the album. “The Refill” is being package with the “Relapse” so you now get both albums. Track listings for “Relapse: The Refill” shown below include appearances by Drake, Lil Wayne, and Kanye; just to name a few.

Track listing after the break.

Track Listing:

1. Forever

2. Hell Breaks Loose

3. Buffalo Bill

4. Elevator

5. Taking My Ball

6. Music Box

7. Drop the Bomb on em

Whether you’ve been following to Eminem since you first heard “My Name Is” on the radio or just started listening to his clearly constructed controversial lyrics recently, “The Refill” deserve a listen.

7 Responses to “Running low on prescriptions? Doctor Mathers has The Refill.”

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