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‘Suds’gestion: A Million Years

6 July
Author: Sam

Today’s tip comes from Eileen, who suggested that we check out A Million Years who are, as she puts it, “A Brooklyn indie band actually from Brooklyn!”

She then goes on to say,

The music is experimental and sonic, equally pleasing to the coolest hipster or the most sci-fi geek….but will definitely get you out of bed.

First off, after listening to all the songs the band has posted on MySpace, I wouldn’t exactly say this is the kind of music that will get you out of bed.  It’s got more of a “lively chill” vibe going on – like an idling engine rather than one in ignition.

And as far as being pleasing to the coolest hipster…well, that’s up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or not.  When I think of hipster music I usually think of douchiness incarnate, so that might not be the best descriptor for drawing in new fans.

The bottom line is that A Million Years sounds like a perfectly decent college band – nothing more, nothing less.  If that sounds like you’re cup of tea, their debut album, Mischief Maker, will be released in August.  You can check out video of them playing two songs live after the jump:

YouTube Preview Image


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