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Six down, thirty eight to go

20 September1 comment
Author: Sam

Billy Corgan and his merry crew of misfits are back with the sixth track off the monolithic 44-song album that is Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.

It’s called “Spangled” and it’s a short, pretty love song about getting tangled up with a lover under the twinkling nighttime stars.

As always, Billy is being awesome and giving away this track (and all five other ones) for free at the band’s website.  “Spangled” is the second track that will appear on the second EP, Vol 2: The Solstice Bare, that makes up the larger 44-song album.


Billy Corgan hit the nail on the head in a recent interview with Spin.  He was talking about what it’s like to play new material during shows and had this to say:

the internet really influences how people think about music. So you play a new song live and everybody goes, “Oh, I hate that song.” Then you record a new version of the song that obviously sounds better. But people have already decided they don’t like the song, even though they haven’t heard the recorded version.

It’s a definite tight rope that artists have to walk all the time, particularly in this day and age when fans will post shitty cell phone camera quality videos of the show online hours after it’s over.  And of course, hardcore fans who weren’t at the show will be dying to hear the new material, but what they get is a less than ideal quality version of it.

So it’s rare when you watch one of these videos and immediately know that the new song is going to kick all kinds of ass.

But that’s exactly the case with this footage of Kylesa playing a new, as yet unnamed song, during a show in Ireland last month.  The sound quality isn’t that bad, which helps, but the song just sounds amazing.  It’s got a super-chilled out stoner vibe, and the riff really reminds me of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind.”

YouTube Preview Image

This just makes me that much more excited for Kylesa’s new album, Spiral Shadow, which drops October 26th.


Five down, thirty nine to go

7 JulyComments Off
Author: Sam

I was beginning to think Billy Corgan would never get around to releasing the next song in The Smashing Pumpkins 44-song beast of an album, Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.

It’s been almost three months since the band released “Astral Planes,” which capped the first four-song EP, Vol 1: Songs for a Sailor.

The new track, called “Freak,” will be the first song on Vol 2: The Solstice Bare.  The song’s got a killer fuzzy groove and it sounds like it could have appeared on the Zeitgeist album.  Most people didn’t like that album, but I enjoyed it a lot.  Like the rest of these songs, Corgan is cool enough to be giving “Freak” away for free, so head on over to the band’s site to download them all.

But Billy, let’s pick up the pace on these releases.  At this rate, I’ll be collecting social security before all 44 songs are done.


* Taproot has pushed back the release date for their new album, Plead The Fifth, from April 13 to May 11.  I get the sense that their label (Victory Records) is really pushing them to get this record released ASAFP so they can’t be happy about having to push it back another month.

* Guitar Hero heroes DragonForce have confirmed that lead singer ZP Theart has left the band “due to insurmountable differences of musical opinion.”  The remaining members have started writing a fifth album while they search for a new singer.  Think you’ve got the soaring vocals to front this band?  Well you’re in luck since they are holding an open audition for anyone who wants to enter.  Here’s the deets.

* Speaking of auditioning for bands, Smashing Pumpkins (aka Billy Corgan) is holding an open audition process to find a new bassist and a new keyboardist who can play prog-rock styles.  The band’s previous bassist, Ginger Pooley, left to be with her husband and new baby.  You’ve only got until March 31, so if you think you’ve got the skills and the patience to deal with Corgan’s crazy personality check out this site.

* The Sword are about halfway through recording their third album.  Singer J.D. Cronise said that the band’s sound on this new record will lean more towards Guns N’ Roses and Thin Lizzy than their prior Black Sabbath style sound.  He also adds that the group’s traditional swords-and-sorcery lyrical themes will be taking a backseat to new science fiction concepts.

* Canadian heavy metallers BISON b.c. have debuted their new song “Stressed Elephant” (so metal!) over at ExploreMusic.  I hadn’t really heard much of this group before this song, but I must say I am now VERY intrigued to listen to their new album, Dark Ages, which is set to be released on April 13.

* March Is Metal Month.  So head over to Amazon to get your free 2010 sampler featuring bands like Fear Factory, Five Finger Death Punch, and Lacuna Coil.  Did I mention it’s absolutely free?


First off thanks to Paste for leading me to this one.

I know that recently there has been a lot of speculation around Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan…..and I am hoping thats its all rumor …..please let it all be just rumors.  Regardless of all that stuff it looks like Jessica Simpson has released the song “Who We Are” that was written by both of them, which will be the theme song to Simpson’s upcoming show The Price of Beauty.

Honestly I am not quite sure what to think of this. I should say that I never really listened to Simpson’s music aside from the stuff that plays in the background at random places I would go to, but it seemed kinda boring. Somewhat formulaic power pop. It’s not surprising that Corgan would help write such poppy/happy lyrics, he has done it before (but now doesn’t want to even talk about that era).

Anyway download it here, and let me know what you think.

Today’s Quickies

13 January5 comments
Author: Schiano

StreetLevel has Hip-Hop’s Most Controversial Album Covers which includes blurbs about, among many others, 2 Live Crew’s As Nasty As They Wanna Be, Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP and Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz’ Put Yo Hood Up.

Somehow I missed diligent.me’s 2009 retrospective.  Cosign on the favorite single!

NME has Courtney Love defending herself from using ’Hole’ name for her new album.  Former band members are not on the album.

Fugees’ members, Pras and Wyclef, are heading to Haiti to help with the relief.  Both are urging for others to follow suit.

MSNBC writes that American Idol, once again, has started strong.  Yawn.

People has Jessica Simpson making music, laughter with Billy Corgan.  And I just threw up in my mouth quite a bit.