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Dissecting Radiohead’s Lotus Flower

24 February13 comments
Author: Suds Team

Today, we look at some of the wonderful comments over at SongMeanings for the song Lotus Flower by Radiohead.  Feel free to check out the lyrics yourself and comment appropriately!

ringosfinger says,

The interesting thing about this song is that there is a wide array of images and themes in the lyrics. But the song is centered around the concept of the “Lotus Flower” viz. the title. To interpret the meaning of the song as a whole, one must see that it the Lotus Flower is the key component. “Slowly we unfurl as lotus flowers”. Thom Yorke chose that line to be the most definitive of the message of the song. Therefore I think it’s about learning how to be more expressive, which makes sense with the video.

muckguppy gives his thoughts,

I recently moved to another town with my girlfriend and I had burnt this CD for the drive which was a real delight. On first play through, this song stuck out immediately. The frenetic and almost impatient drums from the previous songs slow down and magical things come out to play.. My partner was immediately obsessed with the song. I wonder if women generally have a different take on this song than men do?

I definately feel that this song has elements of (nearly) all things already mentioned. Buddhism, sexuality and self-emancipation.. It’s also just a beatiful song. Maybe it’s just that.

DaemonWulfe adds,

I think he’s literally talking about having a drug habit and knowing that he’s at the point where he’ll choose his habit over his relationship. That’s what I gathered while watching the video through a couple of times and listening to the lyrics. Some of the faces he makes are a dead give away for certain types of drugs.

His mind is twisted, so maybe he feels that from her perspective she’s just trying to fix him to feel better about her self.

d3v3l hilariously writes,

Clearly this song is about men who cannot maintain an erection or get one in the first place and how they abuse the shit out of viagra.

sjamesgray says,

A number of Thom and Radiohead’s songs show some understanding of Buddhism and I’m sure it’s not for nothing that he chose the lotus of all types of flowers. The lotus is pivotal to Buddhism. It is the “seat” of Buddhas. One’s becoming a Buddha is also often compared to the opening of a lotus blossom.  Also, the lotus only grows in mud.

So what are you thinking the song means?