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It’s August.  Football is in the air.  Players are sweating through training camps across the NFL.  And Brett Favre continues to play his annual six years in the making will-he-or-won’t-he-retire routine.

I can’t put this any more bluntly – if you are still a fan of Brett Favre after all of his charades, then you are a either a moonshine-swilling hillbilly from eastjabumfuck who gets off by repeating the phrase “he’s just having fun out there” while sitting in your Wrangler jeans or you’re just a retard.

Honestly, he is one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen play in the NFL, throwing away critical game after critical game because he just can’t help himself from lobbing a wounded duck off his back foot in the face of heavy pressure.  But hey, “he’s just having fun like a kid out there” right?

Well now there’s even more potentially terrific news for Favre-haters everywhere.  A New York Jets sideline reporter claims that Favre sent her pictures of his dick over the phone, multiple times (by the way, what is with NFL players and snapping shots of their junk?  These links are absolutely NSFW, but you’ve got Santurdio Holmes, Dinkie Boy Chris Cooley, Jeff Reed, and Sean Salisbury).  Not only that, but to add to the embarrassment, she claims that in one of the pictures, he’s playing with lil’ Brett. . .while wearing Crocs.  To make matters worse, the Jets girl looks pretty darn similar to Brett’s wife, Deanna.  He must have been really lonely in New York.

Anyway, this is all to preface the fact that an amazing song called “See My Dong” has surfaced on the web detailing Brett’s little foray into cellphone tomfoolery set to the tune of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.”  So good.

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