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I have not seen Slipknot play live in person.

After watching their newest DVD, (sic)nesses, I really really want to.

This DVD is split into two parts.  “Live At Download” is the full 18 song concert the band played at the 2009 edition of the Download Festival in England, while “Audible Visions of (sic)nesses” is a 45-minute film of mostly backstage footage shot by band member Shawn Crahan (aka “Clown”).  There’s also a host of other goodies thrown in, including the music videos from the band’s latest album as well as a making-of featurette for the expanded music video “Snuff” (you know, the one where Corey Taylor dresses up like a chick).

But the concert footage is the meat and potatoes of this package.  And Slipknot delivers on what you’re looking for most of all in a concert DVD, and that’s energy and excitement.  I can’t think of any current band that attacks their stage show with as much ferocious theatricality as these guys.  Then again, would you expect anything else from a squad of guys in uniforms and frightening masks?

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