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Korn – The Path of Totality Album Review

16 JanuaryComments Off
Author: Sam

Allow me to set the stage.

Korn hadn’t released a good, solid record since 2003′s Take a Look in the Mirror.  That album was written with the express intent to bring the band back to its aggressive metal roots, which it successfully achieved.  However, Korn lost its way once more after that album, and floated through the next seven years churning out uninspiring pablum.  They were not without some measure of self-awareness as they experienced this decline in relevance since they once again tried to recapture their old magic with 2010′s blatantly titled, Remember Who You Are.  Unfortunately for Korn fans, the band’s memory was shot.

Now a year later, and truly teetering on their career’s edge, the band has released The Path of Totality, which is striking for its declarative pronouncement that, at least for now, the rehashing is over.  The band realized that if it wants to keep on trucking, it needed a wake up call or an intervention – anything really to inject some new life into a flagging sound.

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Suck This Way

14 February10 comments
Author: Sam

So did y’all watch The Grammys last night?

It wasn’t awful, a lot of the collaborative performances were really good (or at the very least interesting), and the presentation seemed pretty streamlined.

That being said, here are a few of my gut reactions to the ceremony: I’m not a fan, but I don’t know why everyone hates on Justin Bieber – he seems to have at least some modicum of actual talent and he’s able to make fun of himself so that’s a plus *  Is it just me or do the actual awards seem rigged?  Why is it that every year, you can pretty much take it to the bank that the artists who are scheduled to perform are the ones taking home the prizes? *  I thought the retro stylings of Bruno Mars, B.o.B., and Janelle Monae was pretty neat, especially with the black-and-white  camera effect *  Mick Jagger continues his evolution into becoming a walking, arthritic, skeleton pirate.  Seriously, do his knees even bend? *  Dr. Dre definitely isn’t dead or locked in your basement *  The heavy metal and hard rock categories were, like usual, complete shit (these people honestly thought one of Ozzy’s new songs was worth an award? Or one of Korn’s new songs for that matter?!) *  Cee Lo Green absolutely stole the show – what a performance and what an outfit (and Gwenyth Paltrow actually made a decent showing herself) *  How can Arcade Fire win Album of the Year but not also win Best Alternative Music Album?  Isn’t there like some transitive property that’s being ignored here?

But here’s what I really wanted to get to: Lady Gaga’s new song is terrible.  She performed it last night, and if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s streaming here.  I guess I might be being a bit harsh for the simple reason that I expected more from her the second time around.  But “Born This Way” is as vanilla as it comes, regardless of its positive message.  The music itself is the opposite of everything that’s made Gaga so popular and unique.  It’s not daring, it’s not edgy, it’s not sonically interesting, and it sounds just like all the other pop crap that I thought she had separated herself from.

Agree/disagree? Let me know.


How many times can a band “go back to its original sound” before the whole thing becomes a desperate sham?

That’s the question that has loomed large over Korn ever since they declared that their newest album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, would be a return to the group’s early aural stylings after enduring several years and several albums worth of misguided experimentations and lousy music.

The first time Korn pulled this trick was with Take a Look in the Mirror.  That album was a reaction to what the band perceived as slow sales of Untouchables, and they wanted to bring back their hyper-aggressive sound.  But it wasn’t seen as a ploy because the finished product was actually pretty good.

The same cannot be said for Korn III.

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Just to whet your appetite for tomorrow’s release of Korn’s new album, the band released a free concert video online.  This is no normal video though; oh no, they are playing it in the middle of a giant crop circle they had commissioned by – get this – a company that will make crop circles for you.  Am I the only one who is surprised to know that such a thing even exists?  Honestly, who is their target demographic?  American farmers who’ve  been so overly subsidized by the government to grow nothing but corn?  And what ever happened to the old days when you mowed your own damn gigantic shapes in the middle of a corn field while walking uphill both ways?!

Anyways, this concert is pretty good and if nothing else, it’s a reminder that Korn can still rip it up live.  I haven’t seen Korn in person since Head left the band (and it turns out that crazy Jesus-freak was the riff-genius behind this band’s success; seriously just ask an incredibly liquored up Munky, he’ll tell you), but when I did see them they were absolutely amazing.  This concert seems to suggest that they haven’t turned to shit as a live band, which is nice.  Hearing the opening riff of “Here To Stay” still gets me going.

Stay tuned this week for my review of Korn III, and in the meantime enjoy the free concert:



2Cents’ Dress to Kill

13 May14 comments
Author: Schiano

2Cents - Dress to Kill2Cents recently began touring with Korn as part of the Jagermeister Spring Music Tour. The band will be touring in support of their latest hard-hitting release, Dress to Kill – which was released April 20th. The album manages to capture intensity and melody together, in one badass approach. Oh yeah, I just definitely described it like that. For some proof, check out some of the standout singles such as, “Get What?” and “Now You Know.”

“Get What?” is currently moving up the charts; currently sitting on the Mediabase Active Rock chart at #25. We’re noticing the track more and more on the radio, too, so that number should only move closer to #1 in the coming weeks with the tour with Korn.

The folks at antimusic.com got the inside scoop on “Get What?” – here is frontman Adam O’Rourke’s tale on the track after the jump. continue reading

Sevendust are back with their eighth album, which is pretty amazing for a band who made their name back in the nu-metal heydays of the late 90s.  Most of the other bands that sprung up around that time are long since gone, but Sevendust have been grinding away this whole time, keeping up a remarkable schedule of releasing a new album pretty much every other year.

Cold Day Memory is an important milestone for the band because it marks the return of guitarist/vocalist Clint Lowery back into the fold.  He had previously left the band after the Seasons album to work with Dark New Day and Korn.

His return is being widely hailed as a return to form for the band, but in all honesty the sonic differences are hardly noticeable.  I’m sure the reunification of Sevendust’s original lineup meant a lot to the band’s chemistry and how they operated in the studio, but the end results are still very much like the preceding seven albums – with Lowery or without.

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