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For some people, Wes Borland will always be a joke.

His time spent slathering himself in body paint and/or wearing costumes while playing knuckle-dragging riffs for Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit is an unforgivable sin to many music lovers, regardless of the identity he’s tried to craft through his fledgling solo outfit Black Light Burns.  In BLB, Wes controls the entire show.  He’s the engineer, the producer, the visual artist, the singer, and he plays nearly every instrument to boot.  No one can point to Fred Durst and say he’s had a hand in any of this stuff.  And yet, sometimes the shadow of shit that accompanies Durst everywhere he goes (The Unquestionable Truth not entirely included) is too much to look past for some.  They’ll never give BLB a shot.

Which is kind of sad because BLB’s debut record, Cruel Melody wasn’t half bad, and the follow-up, The Moment You Realize You’re Going to Fall, has some worthwhile music as well.  These aren’t great albums by any stretch of the imagination, but if you pick and choose, you’ll find some tunes that you might actually enjoy.

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Metal Roundup – Monday, April 19

19 AprilComments Off
Author: Sam

Here’s a look at what’s happening in the world of hard rock and metal:

*Kylesa, the sludgy stoner metal band that released one of 2009′s best albums in Static Tensions, is once again back in the studio for the time being demoing material intended for a new album.  They are set to begin officially recording the new album at the end of May.

*Journalist Mick Wall is working on a Metallica book that will cover most of the group’s history.  Wall was close with the band in its early days and has recently reconnected with them to conduct interviews.  The book should come out in October.

*If any of you cares, here’s a tentative track list for Limp Bizkit’s new album Gold Cobra, and yes, it’s full of terrible song names like “Douchebag,” “GFY,” “Middle Finger,” and the awesomely awful duo of “Introbra” and “Outrobra.”

*The story of how Mastodon chose their name.  Thank god they didn’t pick Savage Hamper.

*The Sword has finished work on its third album.  If it’s done, why the hell won’t it be released until late this year?

*Serj Tankian’s new album, Imperfect Harmonies, is tentatively scheduled to come out in September.  It will have 11 tracks, heavily featuring electronics.  One song will be sung in Armenian.


    Here’s a sampling of some interesting stuff going on in the world of metal:

    * Mudvayne has debuted their new video for the song “Beautiful and Strange.”  It’s the second video in a three part series.  And it didn’t take long for the video to be banned from all major outlets.  One viewing and you’ll understand why.  Censors don’t usually take kindly to buried-alive fallen angels digging up the graves of surprisingly full-chested naked, dead women and then proceeding to mount them and bang them silly all while images of torture and a girl actually getting her lips sewed together flash on screen.  But hey, that’s fuckin’ metal!  Go watch the necrophiliac’s dream over on VampireFreaks.com.

    * Killswitch Engage have a new song, “My Obsession,” on the new God of War video game.  Stream it at Noisecreep.  (It’s really good.)

    * Check out the cover art for Sevendust’s new album, Cold Day Memory, and prepare to be severely underwhelmed.  Seriously, that’s the best you could come up with?

    * Deftones have released the track list for their new album, Diamond Eyes.

    * If anyone (like me) was hoping Limp Bizkit might return to the sound of their first album and/or their last album (aka more emphasis on the band, less on Fred Durst and rapping) this news should dash those hopes: Rappers Raekwon and Paul Wall will both have guest appearances on Gold Cobra.

    * Dutch violin player, Karianne Brouwer, has a really cool cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”:


    Here’s a sampling of some interesting stuff going on in the world of metal:

    * Sevendust have chosen the track “Unraveling” to serve as the first single from their new album, Cold Day Memory, which is set to be released on April 20.  You can listen to it now on YouTube.  It’s decidedly less heavy than “Forever Dead”, the first song they released from the album, and not as good, in my opinion.

    * Godsmack is streaming their new single, “Crying Like A Bitch,” over at their MySpace page.  There is some speculation that the song was written about Motley Crue’s member Nikki Sixx.  It’s well known that Godsmack was very upset with the antics of Motley Crue during last summer’s Crue Fest 2, which Godsmack played on.  As for the song itself, I’m not feeling the production values.  It sounds a little hollow and it’s not a big change from their last album.

    * The Sword have finally gone back into the studio to work on recording their third album.  They have chosen Matt Bayles to produce the effort.

    * Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland keeps it real when discussing the prospects for his reunited band’s new album, Gold Cobra: “I think that everyone who hated Limp Bizkit before will continue to hate Limp Bizkit. It’s not like we, all of a sudden, grew up and started making smarter music.”  I’m not one of those people who completely writes off Limp Bizkit as a garbage band.  I actually liked Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ and The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1).  Those albums really let the guys behind Fred Durst shine and there’s no question that Borland, bassist Sam Rivers, and drummer John Otto are talented guys.  Borland, especially, can write some serious riffs.  He proved what a good musician he is with his side project, Black Light Burns.  So I was hoping Limp Bizkit would continue on with the foundation they set before splitting up with The Unquestionable Truth.  But Borland has thrown some water on that idea by saying the new music has a “party kind of vibe.  It’s a little bit like the old stuff, but with a little bit of maybe a Daft Punk vibe thrown in on some of it.”  Needless to say, my hopes are not high for this one.