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Snoop’s Malice N Wonderland

28 December7 comments
Author: Schiano

Snoop’s 10th studio album, “Malice N Wonderland,” is his first since 2008’s “Ego Trippin.”  To be honest, the album is nothing special.  It’s filled with radio hits and electronically produced, auto-tune influenced tracks.  There’s nothing wrong with radio hits, but let’s be real here, this is Snoop we’re talking about.  He’s just held to a higher standard than just about everyone else. 

The first single off the album, titled Gangsta Luv, might be the closer to classic Snoop than any other track on the album.  Produced by, and featuring, The Dream, the single is also one of the catchiest tracks off of the album.  Club-heads will love the track, but it carries Snoop’s chilled-out sound – making all fans love it. 

Aside from Gangsta Luv, Snoops die-hard fans might not totally appreciate, nor love, this album.   The only other note-worthy track is Secrets featuring  rapper Kokane.  Snoop sampled Talking In Your Sleep, by The Romantics, for this track.  Secrets holds Snoop’s traditional funk sound while being a bit more creative than Gangsta Luv

Pick up the album to complete your Snoop discography, but you’ll be glimpsing over the album in just a few days.