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Bruno Mars

27 July3 comments
Author: Schiano

It’s not every day that a well known producer and musician will throw some love out to an upcoming artist.  We were pleased to see Bruno Mars tweet about our boy, Matt Beilis.  Matt recently covered Bruno Mars’ new single, Just The Way You Are. Beilis posted his cover on YouTube and, sure enough, Bruno Mars noticed it.  Bruno Mars tweeted,

Check out this dope cover of My New single.. Go get um Matt! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsL1eKJv7Qo

Catch the cover after the break.  And if you haven’t done so already, why not pick up Matt’s new album on iTunes?  Can’t Help But Wonder is selling like crazy.  continue reading

Matt Beilis, a New York singer-songwriter, is trying to do what so many of us spend all day dreaming about.  I’m talking about ditching the 9-5 office job, getting a band together, putting out an album, and making it as a musician.  It’s a daunting task, no doubt, and that’s why most of us are too scared to take the first step into making fantasies a reality.  (That and the fact that most of us couldn’t play the freakin’ triangle if our lives depended on it).

But Mr. Beilis certainly has talent, and his desire to follow his passion has now resulted in the tangible product that is his debut album, Can’t Help But Wonder.

But that’s all Hallmark-style back story.  What’s really important is the music.

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Can’t Help But Wonder

10 June12 comments
Author: Schiano

Matt BeilisIt was my pleasure to get some time with Matt Beilis to throw some interview questions his way.

Matt is releasing his first album, Can’t Help But Wonder, tomorrow, Friday June 11th. It’ll be available in your favorite online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody.

Before the interview, check out the brief introduction Matt did with us a few months ago. It’ll give you a bit more of his history. 

Even more information is available on his website, www.mattbeilis.com.

Read the interview after the jump. continue reading

Artists’ Corner

30 December10 comments
Author: Suds Team

We’re in the process of negotiating with a handful of artists to post monthly on Suds on Bleeker.  They’re all upcoming artists trying to make it; some are just getting started, some have agents, some are looking for labels.

The goal of these artists posting here is to provide some insight into the lives of an artist.  Many of us don’t know what it takes to get signed, to produce an album, to get known, etc, so we feel it would be great if we can get the true perspective from actual trying artists.

Our first Suds on Bleeker artist will be Matt Beilis.  We’ve posted about Matt quite a few times before (when Suds was housed within SongMeanings), so you might be familiar with him.  Regardless, Matt has some extreme talent and it’s a priviledge to have him on board to give us some insight on his journey as an artist.