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If your first reaction upon listening and/or seeing Die Antwoord (“The Answer” in Afrikaans) is a big “What the fucking fuck did I just bear witness to?,” don’t despair – that’s just par for the course.

Die Antwoord is something of an enigma – a South African hip-hop crew featuring a mullet-sporting pixie, a mute DJ, and a schlong-swinging frontman (seriously, you’ll never look at the cover of The Dark Side of the Moon the same again) who spits his rhymes in a blur of English and Afrikaans.

Some people have even suggested that the group may in some way be a Sacha Baron Cohen-esque outfit designed to fool you into believing there could be a group such as this that actually takes themselves seriously.  Of course, you wouldn’t believe it if they didn’t have some skills to back it up, and as they show on their new EP, 5, they’ve definitely got skills – the only question is if the laughing is intentional or not.

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