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Ready to step into a time machine and get whisked back to the late Sixties/early Seventies period when energetic soul music ruled the day?

Well if so, then Eli “Paperboy” Reed has the solution – his major label debut album, Come And Get It!

If you were to listen to this album without any idea of who the artist was, you would certainly be forgiven if you thought it came straight out of Chicago in the Seventies.  Actually, you’d probably be expected to think that given the relative paucity of new, young soul singers keeping the tradition alive amongst today’s listeners.

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Prince put on one of the more memorable halftime performances of the past decade in 2007 when he took the stage during a downpour in Miami and proceeded to entertain the masses with a series of hits and covers which suitably ended with “Purple Rain.”

And for a guy who loves the color purple and who grew up in Minnesota, it’s no surprise that he is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

And if any of you are unaware, the Vikings are playing in the NFC Championship game tomorrow.

But I guess Prince didn’t feel that Brett Favre’s multitude of “hey-everyone-look-at-me-and-my-childish-enthusiasm” teammate ass-slapping was enough motivation for their big game.  So he took matters into his own hands and wrote them a new fight song.

It’s called “Purple and Gold” and it’s absolutely atrocious.  Have a listen HERE.

A fight song is supposed to get a team and its fans pumped up for a game.  This one sounds like some crappy gospel song you’d hear at church on Sunday.  Granted, a lot of fight songs are cheesy, and this one is no exception, but it also lacks any semblance of energy.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Prince slapped this pile together in a couple of hours and called it a day.

So as if you needed any reason to root against the Vikings tomorrow other than the fact that Brett Favre is the QB, just think that if they lose we may never have to hear this song again.