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Mokiki and the Sloppy Swish

13 NovemberComments Off
Author: Sam

This past weekend’s Saturday Night Live was one of the stronger episodes of the season, largely due to a great host in Anne Hathaway (and the always hilarious Drunk Uncle).

One of the funniest skits of the night was reminiscent of the Lonely Island bits they used to run before Andy Samberg left the show.  If they can somehow manage to recapture that magic in his absence, the show will definitely be better off.  Check out the Legend of Mokiki below:

Also, what the heck was up with Rihanna’s decision to perform in front of a green screen?  It looked like a cheesy 80s music video and was really distracting.  Check it out and judge for yourself (the song was good though).

Call Kanye West a douchebag, an asshole, a scumbag, a jerkoff.  I have.  We all probably have.

But then we must all have a toast in his honor, per his instructions.  Because no matter how easy it is to tear down the brash, oft-obnoxious public persona that Kanye has splashed across our radio waves and awards ceremonies, we’re here for his music.  At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.  And the most telling thing of all, the evidence staring us in the face that perhaps tells us more about ourselves than about this rapper upon whom we project any number of criticisms, is that we can’t deny greatness when we see it (or in this case, hear it).  When you put out a piece of music like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, everything is forgiven or forgotten – immediately.  Because we don’t demand angels from our pop stars – we demand music that sinks its teeth into us like so many hooks in the butcher’s shop.

Kanye knows he can be an asshole.  I know he just released one of the all-time great hip-hop albums.

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The Various, September 2010

7 September5 comments
Author: Schiano

Here we are, it’s September already — how in the hell did that happen?  Well, whatever; lets get into the goods I’m following lately.

Rihanna is bouncing back quickly.  She’s getting set to release a new album, titled Loud, on November 2nd

MTV has a list of the best musician aplogies.  The latest?  Kanye apologizing to Taylor Swift via twitter

Mark David Chapman, the guy convicted of killing John Lennon, is up for parole for the sixth time.  We’re just months short of the 30th anniversary of the death of Lennon. 

Google versus Apple is slowly building.  Have we ever seen this before?  Two major companies slowing building their companies for direct competition?  These guys are practically mirroring each other.  The latest is Google launching a music service — should iTunes be worried?

SongMeanings released SMixtapes; a feature for users to build mixtapes and playlists to share throughout the site.  It’s pretty awesome (cheap plug, I know).

When I heard Eminem’s new album, it was pretty evident that the track “Love The Way You Lie” was destined to end up as a commercial smash.

Not only did it have an instantly memorable hook, but it features mega-star Rihanna, who lends the song added crossover potential – meaning the song could find its way onto exponentially more radio stations’ playlists.  And that’s exactly what happened.  I know this because my 14 year old  female cousin who probably never listened to an Eminem song in her life, posted the lyrics to this song on Facebook and is apparently now a fan.  So the record company definitely did something right here.

But the most important thing is that the song is really good, and the new video for the song matches its quality (which is increasingly rare with music videos these days).  And even though, like the song itself, the video deals with domestic violence. . . it’s still kinda hot.

YouTube Preview Image


What started as a relapse led to a recovery – and possibly the rebirth of a recently directionless career.

It takes a lot of guts as an artist to scrap an entire body of work that is almost completed in favor of starting anew with a clean slate because the old material simply didn’t reflect who you are at the present.  Deftones recently were in such a predicament due to the serious injuries suffered by one of their members.  But that’s a much different situation than the one facing Eminem.

Em himself writes off his most recent work in “Talkin’ 2 Myself,” saying, “them last two albums didn’t count/Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushin’ ‘em out/I’ve come to make it up to you now no more fuckin’ around.”

And anyone who’s seen a minute of Celebrity Rehab knows that when you’re on drugs and in the spotlight, some stupid shit can happen and proper decision-making processes probably aren’t happening.  That’s why it’s so commendable that Eminem was actually able to step back and take an objective look at his own situation, decide that he wasn’t on top of his game, and change courses.

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