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Target ain’t people

21 August5 comments
Author: Sam

Many Constitutional scholars can’t agree whether or not corporations are recognized as persons in the eyes of the law.  But somehow, over time, it has become the accepted standard that under the 14th Amendment, corporations are to receive virtually all of the rights that actual, individual human beings have.

This is fucking ridiculous.  A corporation is not a person.  Anyone who argues that it should be treated like one simply because it is made up of many is willfully ignorant.  Here’s an appropriate quote from an essay that explains this nonsense better than I can:

People may not know exactly what Goldman Sachs is, but they know it is not a person. A person doesn’t have unlimited life or limited liability. A person is responsible for her decisions. If she makes a decision that kills or maims people she will go to jail. If a CEO makes such a decision she, at worst, receives a golden parachute.

Unlike a real person, a corporation lacks a conscience. It is guided neither by ethics nor morality but rather by laws that required its Boards to elevate the maximization of profits above all other concerns.

A real person is an independent actor, subject to many influences that affect how he votes. Warren Buffett, for example, thinks it is in his and society’s best interest for him to be required to pay more taxes. A corporation that made this decision could be taken to court by its stockholders.

Well, the Supreme Court upped the ante back in January when it ruled that corporations can spend an unlimited amount of money in our elections.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  Say hello to a new era of companies buying electoral results (well, moreso than they already do).  And big companies have wasted no time in taking advantage of this ruling.  In July, Target donated $150,000 to the campaign of the right-wing candidate for governor in Minnesota who happens to be anti-gay and oh yeah, anti-worker.  (Wait, isn’t the Target corporation made up of thousands of workers?  Oh yeah, those worthless peons are just necessary annoyances standing in the way of ever larger profits.  So fuck ‘em.)

Well, a boycott against Target has been initiated by MoveOn.org and best of all, a small group of brave citizens brought the protest directly to Target, all in the form of a song.  Rock on guys!

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