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The Lonely Island – The Wack Album Album Review

27 JuneComments Off
Author: Sam

Let me get this out of the way right up front, since I’m reviewing a “fake rap” comedy album–yes, I understand that comedy is, by its very nature, subjective, and senses of humor are wildly divergent; but really, the same thing can be said about music in general, and yet there are still widely assumed standards of quality (ex. Adele is good; Jessica Simpson is not). I’m not sure it works quite the same way for mainstream musical comedy, but the charismatic, sidesplitting force of The Lonely Island is indisputable (or should be, at least).

That being said, I don’t expect everyone to get a kick out of The Lonely Island’s third record, The Wack Album. But for anyone who turns their nose up at it with disdain definitely has a faulty sense of humor. That’s just a fact.

Call it immature. Call it a puerile collection of dick jokes and sex jokes. You’re absolutely right. In fact, by my count, exactly half of this album’s twenty tracks include a dick joke or penis reference in some form or another (there’s some testicle joking as well, simply to make sure the entirety of the male’s sexual anatomy was covered, one would assume). A fifty percent concentration of dick jokes actually seems tame in retrospect. But the larger point here is that there’s nothing wrong with sophomoric sex gags if they make you laugh. And despite how it may seem, I think people underestimate the comedic skill it takes to properly pull off such crude, adolescent jokes, particularly in a musical format. That’s the real genius of The Lonely Island–they’ve elegantly melded slick, modern hip-hop beats with unsophisticated and raunchy lyrics.

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Tons of good cameos in here.  Though this retrospective could turn out to be bittersweet, if the recent rumors that Andy Samberg (along with Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis) may leave the show after this season turn out to be true.  That could mean an end for the digital shorts which have reliably been some of the funniest content on SNL in recent years.


Rebecca Black killed music a couple of weeks ago.

And on Friday, Jimmy Fallon, with a little help from his friends Stephen Colbert and The Roots (among others) got out the paddles and resuscitated it.  We can all thank them for saving music’s cold, limp body from the grasp of Ms. Black.

NBC won’t allow the video on YouTube, so you’ll have to go to Fallon’s site to check it out, but it is so worth it.  Let’s just put it this way – they made “Friday” into something listenable and, dare I say, actually kinda cool.  Watch it here.

But that was not the only awesome thing to come out of the Friday episode.  The Lonely Island were guests and in addition to previewing the hilarious cover art for their upcoming album, Turtleneck & Chain (out May 10), they premiered the video for their new song “We’re Back!”  Here it is:

YouTube Preview Image


Do the Creep

31 January2 comments
Author: Sam

Just let the boys from The Lonely Island show you how…

(oh, and Jorma’s facial expressions in this video are priceless)

YouTube Preview Image

It’s been a while since The Lonely Island, the Saturday Night Live trio behind such smash hits as “Jizz in My Pants” and “I’m on a Boat,” has achieved the hilarity it made amazingly commonplace in the past couple seasons.

That dry streak ended last night with their unveiling of their new song “I Just Had Sex” featuring Akon.

The title pretty much says it all.  And guys, if you’re planning on getting jiggy with it this holiday season, I urge you to play this song right afterward.

Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image


One of the most consistently funny parts of Saturday Night Live these days are the Digital Shorts that feature music by The Lonely Island (aka Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone).

They’ve given us such instant classics as “Dick in a Box,” “Jizz in my Pants,” and “I’m on a Boat.”

This past weekend, they debuted the video for the song “Boombox” (featuring Julian Casablancas) which comes off their first album, Incredibad.  It’s not as good as their best stuff, but it’s still pretty damn funny.

So have a look, and remember, kids, this is a cautionary tale:

YouTube Preview Image


Saturday Night Live is pretty hit or miss these days, but they seem to have some of their best successes when it comes to musical parodies; just look at Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island.

They struck gold again this past Saturday with their take on the “We Are The World” remake that was done to support Haiti.

Willie Nelson, David Crosby, and Josh Groban are my faves.

YouTube Preview Image