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Suds On: Tino Coury

19 May18 comments
Author: Schiano

Tino CouryWe have a good one for you pop and R&B fans; this guy will be all over your radio before you even know it. If you’re into the likes of Jason Derulo and Jay Sean, you’re going to be into this guy.

Tino Coury.

Tino Coury, hailing from Pittsburgh, has everything it takes. Coury is now six weeks into an eight week promotional tour. If you’re in or around San Antonio on May 23rd, get tickets for MixFest 2010. Coury will be there performing his incredible single, “Diary.”

For the song, Coury states, he had a concept in his head while writing it.

I had the concept in my head [of] “I read your diary,” and I knew it could mean so many different things. In today’s world, everything is in writing, whether it be a text, e-mail, etc., so I think everyone has been through a situation where they read something they didn’t expect to see. I [have] been through that situation and I’m sure a lot of people have, too. I poured all that emotion into one song that I think everybody can relate to. (PopEater.com)

Tino Coury is finishing up on his album, set to drop in September. He hopes the album will portray a story people can relate to with a unique twist. Additionally, he hopes his upbeat tracks will provide music lovers with a club feel – which his single “Diary” certainly does.

We have the lyrics to “Diary” after the jump (which SongMeanings has, too!).  We also guide you to his music video.  continue reading