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The Various, August 2010

5 AugustComments Off
Author: Schiano

Here are some topics I’ve been watching over as of late.

It’s looking like Wyclef Jean will, infact, announce his presidency campaign

Lady Gaga has been nominated a record 13 times for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.  Videos?  Artists are still creating these things?  And people are still watching them? 

Shit is hitting the fan with the Steven Tyler and American Idol rumors going around.  Nigel Lythgoe is returning to the show and wants Paula to join him. 

The Beach Boys threaten to sue Katy Perry for her, “I wish they all could be California Girls,” line. 

Eminem is still leading the US Singles chart.  How do you guys still like this depressive clown?

Some unreleased Michael Jackson songs will be released in the fall.  Not exactly surprising.