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Tankian puts kibosh on SOAD return…for now

26 January
Author: Sam

So…about that System of a Down return I got all excited about a couple weeks ago?

Well, the band’s singer, Serj Tankian, is letting everyone know that they probably shouldn’t hold their breath.

To recap how all this hoopla started, bassist Shavo Odadjian posted the following tweet on January 12th: “Are u guys ready for System???”

He then followed that up with a supposed explanatory tweet which did nothing but make the situation even muddier.  He wrote: “About my “are u guys ready for System?”. I’m not sayin we are back but, if so? U guys ready? SoRry for gettin u guys amped. I’m just seeing”

What does that even mean?  That still leaves both options very much up in the air.

But now Tankian, in an interview with Billboard, has put out a pretty definitive statement.  He says:

“We always have offers to play, from festivals and stuff, but we have not decided to do anything as of yet.  We’re in touch. We talk. We call it an indefinite hiatus, and that’s how we still look at it. Nothing’s really changed.”


Either Serj is telling the truth and nothing really has changed, or maybe the band was just not ready to officially announce the end of its hiatus and is trying to cover up the tracks.  That’s probably just wishful thinking on my part though.

In Serj solo project news, he has a CD/DVD set coming out on March 9 called Elect the Dead Symphony, which is an orchestral reworking of the songs off his debut album, Elect the Dead.  He recorded it with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in New Zealand last March.  Tankian’s also already working on his sophomore album, called Music Without Borders.  He hopes to release that sometime this summer.


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