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The Sword drummer hangs up his sword

13 October
Author: Sam

Reader Aaron A. beat me to the punch on this one.  Trivett Wingo, drummer for retro-metallers The Sword, has decided to quit the band.  Subsequently, the band has canceled its European tour as well as all of their scheduled U.S. dates.

In an honest interview with The Austin Chronicle, Wingo cited acute anxiety as the reason that he could no longer continue on as part of the band:

Not to get too specific, but my level of anxiety pertaining to being on tour got to the point where medication was not the answer. You can crunch Valiums all the time, but at a certain point you have to ask yourself if you should just be staying at home. I had been medicating myself to be on tour, and I realized that psychiatric help wasn’t the answer. I was very deeply unhappy. I didn’t want to sedate myself and do something that I wasn’t enjoying. I figured it was better for me to finally listen to my inner voice and strike out on my own. I wanted to finish it all. If I had known what point I would break, I wouldn’t have planned anything beyond that, but I reached my own personal breaking point as far as my panic and anxiety. I was living in a mental hell. I think it was really starting to affect my performance as well. I really officially completely burned myself down to a nub.

That’s really unfortunate, and I feel for the guy.  The Sword has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years and they are fresh off releasing their best album to date, Warp Riders.  Their trajectory is definitely on the upswing, which makes it all the more sad that they now have to deal with the departure of their friend.  As far as the future of the band is concerned, I really don’t doubt their ability to find a new drummer who can come in and pick up where Wingo left off.  I just hope Wingo can find a way to control his anxieties and live a comfortable life.

I’d suggest reading the rest of his interview though.  It’s a stark reminder that those who live their life under the spotlight are not always as exuberant and happy as we would be led to believe.


3 Responses to “The Sword drummer hangs up his sword”

  1. Justin S. says:

    Damn Sam this is some sad news. The Sword are definitely one of my favorite bands. I’ve always loved his drumming. Fit the band perfectly. I sas them with Metallica and Machine Head and they blew me away. Warp Riderswas such an awesome step up from their last album. I liked it but Warp Riders took the cake.

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