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They Said It: Brann Dailor talks new Mastodon album

15 April
Author: Sam

Mastodon fans, read and rejoice.  Seriously, how pumped does this make you?

Is there going to be a concept for the record?

Yeah, totally. It’s all worked out. I don’t want to talk about it yet, though. It’s not totally ready, but it’s gonna be cool. I feel like it’s a classic story about redemption. It’s a mythology that’s invented because we care so deeply as human beings for one another, it’s hard to think that you just go into a hole [after you die] and that’s it. So you want to see your loved ones be exalted in some way, or be a part of something that’s much more grandiose.

Do you hold any spiritual beliefs yourself?

I think you go into a hole and that’s pretty much it. It’s depressing, so I don’t want to think of life that way. As much as I try to fool myself that Bigfoot exists and there is a Santa Claus, and when I finally do pass away I’m gonna go somewhere awesome, I can’t do it. There’s just no evidence for it. I think we’re just a bunch of f—in’ animals and we live, then we die. But no one likes to think that way. If that’s your best friend or your mom or your grandmother, you want to think that she’s going to go to this amazing place, and that makes it okay for people, and that’s a big part of why religion exists in the first place. Everything dies and everyone dies and the last thing you want to think is, “Oh, well, it’s just over. There’s just darkness and nothing.” You want to think that Grandma is in a better place, and you say that to yourself to console yourself. And also, for people who are dying, it makes them feel better to think they’re going somewhere else. They rationalize. They go, “Well, that was really good, and I’m ready to go to this great place, so I’m f—in’ set. No problem.”

Full interview here.  I really hope we get to hear this record before the end of the year.


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