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Why I hate Beyoncé

2 February
Author: Schiano

If there’s one artist who I cannot stand, it’s Beyoncé. And it deeply troubles me because I thoroughly enjoy Jay-Z and his work.

For me, Beyoncé reminds me of a certain female from high school (the annoying yearbook chic in Can’t Hardly Wait). You know the girl; she’s involved with everything from student council, track, cheerleading, oh and she’s also active in her church. She’s also dating the captain of one of the varsity teams and she’s driving a brand new BMW (given to her by her daddy). She gets good grades and other students and faculty flock to her.

But deep down, there’s something you don’t like about her. You (or me, at least) can sense a fakeness about her – as if she’s trying too hard to be someone she’s not. Then you begin noticing she changes her personality to fit whatever situation she’s in (more so than J-Lo). And then before you know it, you’re hating her every move.

Yeah, that’s me with Beyoncé.

She’s not perfect like the industry wants us to believe, not everything she touches turns to gold. She’s a marketing tool, excuse me, a marketing gimmick – that’s all. She’s cha-ching, cha-ching! She doesn’t do anything challenging nor out of her element. It’s tiring.

Besides that aspect, the hatred also stems from that god damn song that other females embrace as their own.

Ever notice when this song comes on, every female’s attention gets immediately drawn to the speakers (even faster than when I hear Justin’s Sexy Back, mind you) and they all start acting completely, for lack of better wording, stupid? You guys know what I’m talking about: they suddenly all put their hand up and start shaking it madly as if they’re having a stroke.

But it’s not even as simple as that. Once one shaking and twitching hand goes up, her friends follow; and then before you know it, you have a group of girls all with their hands twitching singing along together saying put a ring on it.

Ladies, it’s a stupid song that shouldn’t be your anthem. More than half of you aren’t even single, and if you were, you wouldn’t be demanding us to put a ring on it. Well, okay, maybe you would. Kanye did warn us that you’re all gold diggers anyways. I’m kidding, ladies…

Listen, Beyoncé is a very talented and hard-working woman. She deserves everything she has in life. I’m not knocking her accomplishments. She just annoys the living crap out of me.

79 Responses to “Why I hate Beyoncé”

  1. Sam says:

    I concur.

    But then again, most women who would fall into the ‘diva’ category come off as somewhat fake to me. If I’m in the mood for vocal theatricality, give me Regina Spektor over Beyonce any day of the week.

  2. Anna says:

    I agree and am glad I’m not the only one to see her as fake.

    Her dad pushed her to be who she is. It was all marketing and record execs. I do disagree that she hasn’t done something challenging. Her dancing can be amazing at times, but I think she completely has to feed off of other artist’s styles. Like her video with Lady Gaga. She completely was trying to feed into someone else’s career and hype to bring herself back into the picture. She didn’t even look good at all. Kind of pathetic, actually. And yeah, it was at that point I too decided I hated her every move. I think she should just kick back and be done now.

  3. UngodlyGodawful says:


    Everyone’s like, Beyonce Beyonce, she’s doing so well, her solo project is gold, she’s so talented

    But I get this feeling that she hasn’t done this on her own. She’s a pretty puppet but a puppet all the same. And yeah, she works hard. She works really hard. But isn’t the goal just to get more popular?

    If so, it isn’t working on me. She’s irritating.

  4. Wife says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re referring to Shannon and I taking our rings off and belting out ALLLLL THE SINGLE LAAAAADIES, ALL THE SINGLE LAAADIES! The hand tremor is what she does in the video… and the video is hot… in fact, Kanye thinks it’s the best video of all time…..

  5. Michael says:

    I’m talking about every female when they hear this song.

  6. Tez says:

    I like her songs, she’s gorgeous, she can dance, she works hard

    but I agree


    for someone who doesn’t write their own songs, and most of her songs don’t even apply to her… (single ladies…she is married, you ALREADY have the ring on it) she has this following as if she was some kind of godess.

    you can tell all her songs are specifically made for mtv
    I like them, but I cannot bring myself to love her, never could.

  7. Appu says:

    hmm.. I never liked pop and she very well could be a reason me to hate it all the more..
    And dude don generalize abt ladies.

    Beyonce beyond her looks is highly overrated

  8. augg says:

    out of all the nominees for album of the year she’s the only artist who doesn’t write her music….. Real talent right there!!

  9. Todd says:

    Totally agree Mikey…Her getting six Grammys is further proof of the Grammys being more a popularity contest than an award show based on merit and accomplishment…and talent…

  10. hmmm says:

    And yet you bitches can’t keep her name out of your mouth…..

    Keep doing your thing Beyonce. You don’t have to prove yourself to be “real” to anyone….Just keep doing you.

  11. Percy. says:

    In response to “hmmm,” Beyonce ISN’T doing her own thing. She’s been married for years now, doesn’t write her own songs, and has had so many surgeries, it’s unbelievable how you can even say that. She is a complete fake.

    Oh, and “bitches” doesn’t exactly help your argument. Do you have somewhere else to be a 12-year-old girl?

  12. qnzman989 says:

    The thing that I dislike most about Beyonce is the fact that she isn’t overrated, I believe she has the talent to match her success, but we rarely ever get songs like Halo, all we get is the retarted sell out songs likesingle ladies and video phone and check up on it. Shes much better than that garbage imo.

  13. ericka says:

    lets not forget that she steals everything.
    she stole credit for letoya lucketts writing in destinys child.
    when she couldnt keep the lie alive, she stole cater 2 u from someone else.
    then she ended destinys child.
    she has since stolen several songs from other people…
    “if i was a boy” was written by BC Jean. they were going to leave her completely out of credits until she sued.

    shes not that cute either… people really need to look at beyonce BEFORE and AFTER her nose job. seriously.

    and if you had a crazy psychotic daddy whos willing to shit on anyone as a manager, youd probably be successful too.

    ive hated this tacky, thieving bitch for years. and now people are beginning to see what i saw all along.


    thanks for speaking your thoughts on this.

  14. brian says:

    the underrachiever and the overachiever usually doesnt mix.

  15. ...a says:

    she’s garbage, she’s pop, she’s insignificant on the face of music. and tbh, she’s not even worth taking the time to fully criticize.

    get over it.

  16. Abby says:

    @ ericka i totally agree with you

  17. Could anyone say the lady is actually merely normal or the girl is certainly amazing. The actual volumes talk regarding themselves, the lady is the very skilled female artist. Identify any superior artist compared with her There’s absolutely no one. You don’t ought to like her, nonetheless supply respect in which regard is expected. Another thing is the girl wild hair its absolutely bright

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  20. Beyonce is so talented! I was born and raised in Houston too! Nice to see a woman from my home town be one of the top 100 most powerful and influential celebrities in the world!

  21. hehe! I adore Beyonce she is the greatest celebrity.

  22. I love Beyonce ‘s music! She is a gifted solo singer but I totally wish Destiny’s Child would get back together.

  23. Beyonce is so wonderful! I was born and raised in Houston too! Nice to see a fellow Texan from my home town be one of the top 100 most powerful and influential celebrities in the world!

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  27. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

  28. terrific! Jay Z is a an awesome dude.A real modern day role model. I took my family to see him last year in concert and had a incredible time.

  29. Veta Masur says:

    Thank you for posting this! Beyonce is so lovely. I want to be like her!

    • GT says:

      I totally agree!!!!!!!! Beyonce has class and to all the haters out there…. why dont you try dancing like her??????? shes not a fake!

  30. The Baxter says:

    I Hate Beyonce Knowles!!!! Not Because she has no talent, because she does, Not because she’s an Ugly woman, Because shes definitely gorgeous, I Hate Her for one reason and one reason only………….Jay Z………….. Her Marriage to Jay z has perplexed and confused me……………….Heres a woman who has millions of men around the world who desire her, a woman who can have almost any man she wants, but instead of going for the absolute best,the most handsome and richest man in the world, she chooses the most ugliest and richest man in the world………….Let me tell you something when your a diva who have large groups of men lusting after you ,you have an obligation to those men to set a standard to go as high as you can and find a man these other men cant possibly top,thereby forming a mental impression in these men to show that she is unattainable,instead she chooses Jay Z ,a man who looks like Joe Camel smoking a cigarette,thusly forming an impression in these men that even though he’s a rich man you still may have a chance, Im not so much into looks, Its like teasing all the men in the world,which makes me wonder whether her marraige to Jay Z was a well thought out Business Tactic,You see if she married someone who looked like taye diggs and also was incredibly rich then it would be easy to let go of your diva fantasy,Then she’d seem unattainable,But instead she chooses Joe Camel ,so youll think even though hes rich I may still have a chance,I look way better then Him,It makes me wonder about all these divas marrying these out of the ordinary men Like,Whitney and Bobby,or Britney and Kevin, as if they all wanna marry men Physically uglier then them so that they’re always the most beautifuliest in the relationship and thereby the one who would get the most attention,its like a subconcious tactic to tease all the men in the world. This is why I hate Beyonce Knowles. Love it or Hate It its my opinion!

  31. kai says:

    You people are some sick folks. You are probably those same people we see in the news who the world laughs at and refer to as Ghetto Hood Rats! You folks are a joke!!! What kind of sickos would spend so much time blogging about hating a celebrity who doesn’t even know you are alive yet alone read these idiotic blogs. I myself just happened into this blog from looking at pictures on Beyonce. Do you idiotic people really think celebs have the time to read most of these ridiculous blogs. Even common sense should tell you that most all celebs have publicist, managers, promoters etc. who manage their careers, web and media news and all else you imbeciles!

    My goodness folks, take your ridiculous hateful, demon seed selves to church. Good grief, what a bunch of losers. Get a life people, sheeeeeesh! What the heck is this world coming to when sick people have nothing better to do with their lives than spend their every waking moment hating on people who don’t even know you exist. Go get some help people before you meet your maker with all that hatred, envy and jealousy in your heart, there is a real sizzling hot spot more than likely waiting for you for eternity down below. Get all of that freakin hatred out of your heart people as its later than you think!

    If you don’t like what you see in the mirror so much that your jealousy and hatred would drive you to such insane hateful barbaric ramblings about another human being, then for christmas sake, go get plastic surgery.

    Beyonce is a beautiful girl with a beautiful personality, deal with it haters! Try to remember you sick people if you don’t want to be judged harshly when your judgement day comes, then don’t do it to others! and for goodness sake, Get a freakin life you Fags and Ghetto Hood Rats! Sheeeeeeesh! Its hard to really fathom that there are so many hateful people in this world.

  32. Sarah says:

    I can’t stand any of her music. I guess this is just because I am a purist and don’t like listening to “ima singa lada” sung in repeat ad nausea… Then again all the music on my ipod is classed as “alternative” except Placebo’s Black Market Music that comes up as “Metal”…

  33. Really? says:

    TO KAI

    The author didn’t write this post hopeful that Beyonce and her management army would actually be reading it. People have as much right to blog about a celebrity they dislike as a celebrity they admire. The most hateful blogger on this post is actually you who addresses some of these bloggers as “Fags and Ghetto Hood Rats.” Believe it or not, there are other, more legitimate reasons than “jealousy” or “hatred” for disliking a certain person. This article was actually well written and certainly not barbaric. The author, if you were truly a careful reader, did give the entertainer credit. Don’t double your blood pressure just because someone has stated their opinion. If anyone needs to get a life on here, or better yet get a grip, it’s you. RELAX.

  34. The Baxter says:

    TO KAI: In Your Comment You’ve mentioned Church and Judgement Day a couple of times , Yet at no time have you said , “God Bless You” , or “God Loves You” But you did take the time to call people “Fags” and “Hood Rats” which makes me believe, with such an attitude, that the Fires of Hell may just be stirring at your feet too. So, I guess all I can say now is, Hey, Kai when you get there, call me!!!(The Baxter), Maybe you, me, and George W. Bush can all get together and have a beer sometime!!! I would ask Hitler to Join us but He’s Probably gonna be busy getting raped by a Billion demons for all those Jewish people he ordered to be slaughtered, Hey Kai!!! calm down , relax , and get Beyonce Knowles erect Penis out of your butt, Beyonce Knowles Is the Golden Calf and your idol worship of that calf is gonna send you right to the place your predicting others will end Up: Hell!!!! I’m gonna give you a word of advice, KAI, If you don’t want to end up in Hell with all of us “Losers”, Then don’t participate in the conversation, in other words, if the devil comes up to you and starts barking at you, dont be stupid enough to bark back, just banish him and walk away, that’s how the devil traps you by tricking you into situations that will make you turn into him,(for instance when you call people Fags and Hoodrats) So to end this on a good note, I’m gonna say this, God Bless you, KAI, and God Loves you (even if you you decided to defend the DEVIL herself) See thats the beauty of our Lord, he’s very forgiving, and in the great words of his son Jesus Christ, “Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they do!!!” The Devil is among them and they dont see it!!!!(JAY-(HOE)-VAH) and his lovely consort SASHA FIERCE!!!!

  35. Destini says:

    A beautiful girl with a beautiful personality? Don’t make me laugh!!!

    She trampled over her fellow Destiny’s Child members and everyone else to get where she is! Kelly, who kisses her butt endlessly, signed on to her father’s record label, but because her album was being released the same week as Bey’s B-Day and got buzz, he refused to promote it and leaked Beyonce’s songs so her album flopped. Not to mention the dirty way she treated JHud. Didn’t even call her after her family was murdered. Jennifer’s own brother called Bey out on that one. How jealous and petty can you get because you didn’t get an Oscar you didn’t deserve??

    She COPIES nearly all of her clothes in videos, her video concepts, and lyrics from her songs. Remember when she claimed she wrote Irreplacable when we all know NeYo wrote that whole song? And I couldn’t even count how many times she’s been sued and her videos banned for copyright infringement and it’s been swept under the rug by dear old dad. Not to mention that she can’t act for beans and yet she acts like she’s Halle Berry. Boo, they just use your name to sell tickets.

    I believe she had a nose job and she DEFINITELY had breast implants. Look at her baby boy video and look at her business now. Girl, please. This woman is so FAKE, I can’t stand her.

    • Sammi says:

      U don’t know anything about her. So fuck of!

      • sammigrowup says:

        Sammi you don’t know her either. You do not have to deeply know someone, to know that they are fake. It is evident in their actions and words, and just because they don’t directly interact with you, doesn’t mean you can’t spot someone being fake. It’s like, when you see someone in a class (whom you don’t associate with because you have different circle of friends) passing notes back and forth during a test, and to later find out they aced it. And you’ve observed this person in class before and you KNOW they are not the sharpest tool in the tool shed, so you KNOW for sure they cheated and faked to the teacher that they passed the test. Now see, this is how you can know someone is fake without really knowing them, just by observing!!

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  37. Me says:

    This is absolutely pathetic. Someone hates a celebrity that they don’t even know? I’m a huge Beyonce fan and I’ve watched several, several, SEVERAL interviews and she seems completely level headed and down to earth. Opposite of fake. It doesn’t make me sick to think that some people think she’s fake, because to each one their own, but it makes me sick that you can hate someone you don’t even know. People who hate others that they’ve never met, had a conversation with, or truly know need to get lives.

    And the comments are just as sickening. Someone complaining about why she chose Jay Z over any other man. People are too ignorant and shallow minded these days. Here’s a thought, maybe she loves him. Not everyone in the world chooses people based on looks. Why so much hatred towards one individual. Get lives and stop hating.

  38. The Baxter says:

    To ME: I don’t know what fantasy world your living in, but this,this is planet earth. A planet occupied by billions upon billions of human beings interacting with each other within a chaos of human drama. A drama caused by individualities, personalities, nationalities, religions and its dogmas. Everyone is different, with their own expressions and opinions. If everyone on this planet was the same, THIS WOULD BE ONE BORING PLACE!!!! This is what makes this planet fun and special! THE CHAOS OF THE HUMAN DRAMA! In fact that is what the key of life is, the realization that you are within the chaos, and to respect each others individualities and differences, and to make peace with it. When you reach this understanding your spirit becomes bright and mature. ME: It is pretty obvious you have not reached this maturity, if you notice in the above comments everyone expressed their opinions (I HATE BEYONCE OR I LOVE BEYONCE). No one ever attempted to attack or cut other commenters down except you and another commenter named “KAI”. Calling people names like “Pathetic”. It isn’t a matter of whether we’re “Pathetic”, It’s a matter of whether your mature enough to handle other people’s opinions(I emphasize “OPINION”) Clearly you are not. Just because you two feel comfortable having Beyonce Knowles stick a Golden Dildo up your asses , does not mean that everyone else would find that comfortable. The fact that you two become so emotional over another individual to the point of calling people names, shows a tinge of definite “Pathetic” and immaturity in your personalities,which you both should work on, and also let’s the whole world see the Big Giant Golden Dildo dangling from your ass cheeks, a Dildo, by the way that Beyonce Knowles is getting paid a very large amount of money to stick up your asses……….

  39. wooden toys says:

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  40. The Baxter says:

    Here’s something to think about, about your fake ass idol Beyonce Knowles and her hubby. In January she received $2M dollars for agreeing to perform at a private party of the son of a known terrorist named Muammar al-Gaddafi. Beyonce Knowles is not an improvished person. She has large amounts of income coming from all directions, from her music and her businesses, which means she did not have to suppliment her income with another $2M. But instead she elected and chose money over principle! How could anyone perform for a terrorist or their son? Either this women is the biggest Fake in the world or she’s an Idiot! Not only that, her husband was along side her and also performed and received money! BOTH OF THEM CHOSE FINANCE OVER PRINCIPLE! Neither of them needed that money! But took it anyway! So while you guys who choose to walk proudly with Beyonce and JayZ’s Golden Dildos hanging out of your asses these two idiots are reeping the benefits of your ignorance…. Hey, here’s an Idea why don’t you, Beyonce and Jay z, all jump into an Airplane and slam it into the White House!!!!! Don’t forget to say: “IN THE NAME OF ALLAH!!!” when it hits the first wall!! You idiots………It’s one thing for Beyonce Knowles to wear Fur(Which she does) and not think about the animals that are harmed so that she can look “Blingy” in front of all her fans. But it’s a whole other arena when you decide to perform for a son who’s father is muslim harborer of known terrorists and is sympathetic to the islamic “Jihad” against America!!! You may call me superficial and materialistic for calling her husband Jay z *UGLY* But how superficial can you be to already have money, in the millions, and still take $2M from a person who has no ethics or value for human life and existence! I’m not the one whose “Pathetic”. Beyonce Knowles and her Husband Jay z are PATHETIC!!!!! For taking that money and performing! AND ANYONE WHO DECIDES TO DEFEND THESE TWO FOOLS ARE EVEN MORE PAHETIC THEN THEM!!!!!

  41. The Baxter says:

    It is my belief that women are the smartest people on the face of the planet, smarter then men, in everyway, and there’s a reason for this. There the ones who were given the ability to bare children in their bodies. So they have to be smart. In order to raise childen whether female or male wthin an atmosphere within that intelligence. Most of the men on this earth were given the main spiritual foundation of intelligence, from the mothers of the earth. This intelligence is based in emotion, like compassion, and empathy. If the men on this earth did not have the Feminine intelligence of this earth The men would have killed themselves out of existence a millenia ago. So when a women walks around not using this intelligence, It makes her look EMPTY and FAKE and it doesn’t help her female counterparts on this planet as well. So on one hand to create songs for female empowerment (Independent Women Pt. 1) and then turn around and marrying a man whose gotten ALL of his money and fame from calling women “BITCHES” and “HOES” on rap songs,(degradation of women was his specialty)shows a definite level of hypocrisy and FAKE ASS stupidity on her part. Not only that, this man obtained the gist of his fame and fortune calling himself (Jay(HOE) Vah) which I believe in Christianity is a Blasphemy, (Calling himself “God” was the reason why the devil was booted out of heaven! Which is the foundation of the bible and the dogma of christianity. To respect God and submit to his authority.) So to get on talk shows and claim to be christian, and say you love Jesus Christ, and then turn around and marry a man whose clearly against him, clearly shows another level of hypocrisy and stupidity! The reason why Jay Z loves calling women BITCHES AND HOES is because thats the way he loves his women, to be a BITCH and a HOE, and guess what He’s found one. The biggest BITCH and the biggest HOE he’s ever met A BITCH and a HOE so sneaky and deceptive she has all the masses fooled!!! Wake up people, have we not learned from the “Divas” of our past! The Whitney Houstons and the Britney Spears! Oh how the true diva comes out when the WEED SMOKE AND ALCHOHOL HITS THE FAN!!! And were not even going to go to the Mariah Carey incident where one day she’s the cute girl who could sing her ass off and then the next day suddenly turns into the Crazy ass eccentic rich bitch who sees butterflies flying around inside her head!!! Trust me, Beyonce Knowles is a train wreck just waiting to happen, and Jay z is in the front seat driving!!!

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  50. Vanessa says:

    Beyonce is vulgar. I am ashamed to watch one of her videos with my 14 year old son and 15 year old daughter. When she has children of her own maybe she will tone it down because she will understand the image she is throwing at our children. I am from Houston too, shame on you Beyonce.

  51. Vanessa says:

    By the way J.Z. is ugly.

    • Uhh whoever you are, you’re probably just jealouse of jay-z….
      Fuckin get a life you jealously fucks!!

    • Sammi says:

      Why are people such fuckin haters! Beyonce fucking awesome, you don’t gotta talk about her. SHE’S STILL HUMAN!!

      • unknown says:

        She’s part of illumanti nd she’s da reason why aaliyah died , aaliyah didn’t want to be jay-z’s women and part of illumanti fuck them fake asses der only rich becuz of the illumanti

  52. kiz says:

    i think beyonce is perfectly nice – she’s a great dancer, beautiful model, FAB singer, and a nice person. i think you are jealous and can’t stand the fact she’s an all-rounder. She’s done nothing wrong, you’re just jealous.

    • beekaypopn says:

      I don’t think jealousy has anything to with it. There’s a difference between opinions and hate. get it right! Everyone is allowed an opinion. Hating someone for no reason and not being able to see the good things they’ve done is being a hater. i think being straight nasty to 3 of your group members qualifies as something wrong. I’m not jelous of her, I just don’t like her. I will say I like some of her songs. Mostly the ones that came out before the fakeness starting seeping through the cracks of her nose job. She’s not perfect groupies, ok?! I’m an all rounder too. Virgos usually are. I can do whatever I want and am good at it. I probably could even push a couple albums if I WANTED to stay focused enough. This blogger didn’t take anything from her. She’s fake to me too. Shyste bub! I see through that stuff. By the way, I’m good at that too. I’m down with Luckett.

    • WTF beyonce is fuckin gorgeous, No dont get jealouse
      Unleast she can get more men than yous!!!

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  56. beyonce shes not pretty, do u know a pretty gal? i hate her shes devil. any comment?

  57. urthe1ilovetohate says:

    I do not like beyawncee either. never did. i liked dc as a group.but she is phony, weave wearing bitch teachin little girls to poopop and be whore to get fame. wait until THAT DAY she is on a firey slope heading straight to hell. I do not see her as a positive role model like Alicia keys or any artist who doesnt have to dress like a hoochie in leotards and panty hose to get sales YUK.. im proud of her accomplishments as a black women and she is pretty, pretty fake LOL. oh yea and tht run the run the world vid?……trainiing vid for little girls or girlboys to become whores rollin in dirt and sellin there souls for fame. she the one thts the hater. didnt even wnt Kelly R to perform at the bet awrds just to be with her stank non educated ass. Bitch u got enuff SIT UR tired old ass down beyaawncee.too fake tryna be wht ur not. CHURCH GIRL HUH? AAHHHAHAhAAHHHAhhh BS!

  58. roki says:

    I hate beyonce cuz she left her dog and never came back

  59. Sammi says:

    What the hell is wrong with y’all! This mother f-er don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Beyoncé works hard and is talented, don’t relate her to some Hefner at yo Skool! Who the hell is gonna do that to a hard working independent woman! All y’all who agree with him are mother fuckers!

  60. Liz says:

    I feel exactly the same way. I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like she’s fake as hell and she doesn’t have anyone to challenge her in because no other black women is really doing the same thing as she is as far as music and image.

  61. Queen says:

    For those that support beyonce and judge those of us who see through the fakery and slutty porn star performances, just continue to do exactly what she wants you to do and BOW DOWN BITCHES!!!

  62. gettingthisoffmychest says:

    The thing I REALLY hate about Beyonce: She comes out with songs like “Put a Ring on It” and “Bow Down Bitches” — a really sassy song and then a really arrogant song but when she does an interview, she pulls out her “southern-down-to-earth-I-eat-friend-chicken-I’m-so-humble-I-go-to-church-I’m-real” act and which is the complete opposite of what she portrays as an entertainer. It proves that she’s fake. Would someone who really is down to Earth sing a song like “Bow Down Bitches?” Okay, lets say she really is who she says she is, down to Earth with some Southern charm to her. Well if she really was that, then why not just admit that you bulldoze over people, even your own family, and apologize for it? Isn’t that what church teaches you? To be honest and go to your brother or sister and reconcile? If you believe in Jesus, then you would do it. And if you are really an “Independent Woman,” you would tell your dad to stop molding you (as a manger), tell your mom to stop dressing you up (in those hideous mom-made dresses), and stop asking people to cover up for you (banning the press from release un-approved pictures of you). Last time I checked, if all those things apply, then you’re probably 10 years old. And since all those apply to Beyonce, she is still very childish and dependent of her parents, thus voiding her legitimacy when singing “Independent Woman.” I give more acknowledgement when the artist “fit” the persona of their songs. For instance Madonna: she sang about racy things, and she leads a life that supports those things. Taylor Swift if bubble gum sweet, and the tone of her songs reflect that. Beyonce sings “I am woman, I am strong, I got here on my own” type of songs, but she is propped up by so many people, she didn’t get to where she is by herself. So I think she should sings songs about how grateful she is for all those who have helped her get to where she is, especially to those who have had the pleasure of getting back stabbed/taken advantage of by the Knowles family and trampled on by Beyonce’s $1,399 designer heels and bleached golden blond hair (literally and figuratively) and airbrushed body :-)

  63. Real says:

    After watching her mocumentary I was fed up. She is fake fake FAKE. How can you be a fan to someone who would put on a front all the time even in her pretend documentary. I feel so bad for her fans. You guys must not mean much to her because she never opens up in interviews, isnt on social networks and she never showed pics of her wedding or her alleged pregnant belly. Her mocumentary was staged and what really had me rolling my eyes is when she asked the camera ” Why did god give me this life?”. This narcissistic asshole actually thinks she was picked to live her life. This psychotic bitch acts like life is highschool and she won prom queen. Something aint right about this girl. She is hiding something, all I know is something wont allow her to look someone square in the eye. Not even a camera lens. Her eyes stay bouncing around like she is having a seizure. Creepy fraudelent ho.

  64. Real says:

    After watching her “mockumentary” I has enough with this chick. She is fake fake FAKE. How can you be a fan to someone who would put on a front all the time even in her pretend documentary. Her fans must not mean much to her because she never opens up in interviews, isnt on social networks and she never showed pics of her wedding or her alleged pregnant belly. Her documentary was staged and what really had me rolling my eyes is when she asked the camera ” Why did god give me this life?”. This narcissistic asshole actually thinks she was chosen to live her pampered lifestyle. Boo hoo, I have millions…why me??!? It must be hard being her though, trying to remain perfect is very tough to do. This weird bitch acts like life is highschool and she won prom queen. Something aint right about this girl. She is hiding something, all I know is something wont allow her to look someone square in the eye, not even a camera lens. Her eyes stay bouncing around like she is having a seizure. Creepy ass ho..

  65. venus says:

    Lol, it’s funny how ppl say beyonce is fake, all celebrities are. it is just that the degree of fakery of one is greater than the other. in the case of beyonce it’s just too much, from my own opinion i think that “the fake act” was instilled in her by her dad, telling her what to do & how to act at the beginning of her career then she made the mistake of marrying jay z making everything worst for her. i think thats the only thing she relates to when it comes to business but i see her letting her guard down and beign down to earth when it comes to her mum & sister. what i’ll never find out is what would have happened to her if she wasn’t married to jay z & not linked to the illumunati stuff.

  66. Lara says:

    I kind of agree with the points you raise. Admittedly her songs are catchy and immediate hits – one afte rthe other and there is no denying she is a beautiful woman.

    But yeah there is something about her that just rubs me the wrong way. Not all celebrities are fake. Some quite frankly manage to stay grounded and true to themselves.I remember when I saw her video crazy in love, I felt it was a bit vulgar. Trying too hard. And now it has just descended into pure trash. Stripper poles, skimpy/bodystocking/thong outfits, the crotch and pelvic centered dance – she has talent, a voice so whats the need? And the vulgar explicit lyrics. I don’t know whats going on in the world but this seems to be the standard. Disney princesses desperate to break free of the girl next door image and starlets confusing the stage with stripping clubs. Beyonce is leading yet she yeilds immense respect from everybody even the president of the US. I saw a video of her in the early days during Destineys Child on youtube where she came off snide, bitchy and less then than image we see. I think it shows a glimpse of who she really is. But money talks and sex/skin is in. Not about to change. We will just see more Beyonces, Rihannas, Gagas and so on.